Nancy’s Signature Program

This transformational program serves women who are ready to shed their past conditioning and manifest their genius. In a powerful 1:1 format, your transformation is astounding and joyous.



Where Community, Healing and Spirituality
come together to support each woman on her Find Your Voice Journey. Our membership offers a library of teaching and monthly Masterclasses.


Nancy's Spiritual Mentoring Session

For women ready to embrace a deeper truth emerging from within. A single session can make a difference!


I was drawn to attend Nancy’s ‘Find Your Voice Retreat’ in July of 2019, something deep inside me knew I had to be there. The retreat was an amazing experience and it felt so good to meet other women who like me had come to realise that somehow or other we had all been silenced.

The retreat gave me a taster of how Nancy worked and I liked it a lot! Thought provoking content and practical tools all delivered with great humour and compassion.
I then made the decision to work with Nancy in her 1:1 Mentorship. Since then, I scarcely recognise myself. I am able to speak my truth without tying myself in knots, or worrying I might upset others. There is far less internal resistance to me speaking up for myself. I can do it naturally and with grace. I trust myself so much more than before. I am tuned into a deep inner knowing which on occasion prompts me to be quite bold. Sometimes I almost have to stop myself and say “did I just do (or say) that?”

Often with this kind of work the individual doesn’t always see the progress that is being made. But in my work with Nancy, I can clearly see the advances I have made. I recognise myself as a woman who stands up for herself, stands up for others, embraces her talent for creative language, expresses her emotions in full, speaks to strangers, helps strangers, sets boundaries, is eloquent, communes with nature, attracts an audience, shares her gifts, sings in the shower, tunes into her intuitive voice; and I don’t doubt there is more to come.

In saying ‘yes’ to all the above I am saying ‘no’ to silence, fear and shame.”
Oh, and my childhood dream of writing a book has resurfaced with Nancy’s gentle encouragement.

~ Judith Morris | Holistic Declutter Coach |