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Read what my clients think it’s like to work with me

It is hard to put into words the immense impact Nancy’s “Find your Voice” program has had in my life. I started the program after the end of a difficult relationship with no sense of who I was besides my painful stories and my loss. I felt silenced and discounted. Through my work with Nancy, I was able to identify how my silencing occurred and the impact it had on the trajectory of my life. By identifying and dismantling the painful stories that led me to lose my voice, I was able to reclaim the parts of me I had lost. Nancy intuitively knew when to push me to dig a little deeper and when to simply hold space for me.

Today, I am a strong and confident woman in touch with my own voice and wisdom. I can clearly identify what is in my highest good and what no longer serves me. Before meeting Nancy, I had been working with a mentoring group. Working one on one with Nancy in her 3-month “Find your Voice” Program, I had the breakthroughs I was unable to reach in one year of working with a group. In the relatively short time working with Nancy, I have come to live my life from a deeply conscious place, in alignment with my life purpose, connected to my inherent joy and deep understanding of my own voice and wisdom. It has been the best investment in my growth both personally and professionally I have ever made.

Nicole Wettemann

Holistic Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor,

I have had the delight to work with Nancy over the last year. As a coach she has been my spiritual guide supporting and keeping me focused on my journey for deeper connection to my inner wisdom and truth.  She listens deeply to my innermost thoughts and asks just the right questions to surface my hidden fears and true desires. This has helped me connect more deeply with and own my inner wisdom and feminine energy.  As a result I am experiencing more joy, vitality and spirit in my life.  In addition in my business I  am aligning to and attracting more meaningful work connected to my heart desires.

Valerie Villiger

Managing Partner of Villiger McNeil Consulting, Switzerland,

As an aspiring Transformational Coach (in training at Animas Center for Coaching) I understand that to coach you need to be coached. 

I was drawn to Nancy as a spiritual mentor as this resonated with me at a deep level.  What started out as a quest to overcome blockages along my own coaching journey transpired to be a far more challenging and enlightening path of self-discovery.  Who am I?  What are my true desires?  How can I serve humanity?  Our work helps me to step back and observe myself, my circumstances and recognise conditioned behavioural patterns and self-destructive tendencies and to transform those. This, in turn, is opening up my own path as a coach.

Nancy creates a safe space to explore who you are and how to tap in to your innate feminine wisdom.  This was a real milestone for me because when I’m tuned in to my intuition I stand in my own power and make positive choices and take decisive action.   Whilst I have always understood on an intellectual level that we manifest our lives, I never really lived it.  I am now learning to trust my journey, my inner sense of what is right and have faith in the outcome whatever that may be.  This way of living brings about a huge sense of relief and inner peace.  It takes time to cultivate and requires daily practise but it is truly transformational.  Coaching with Nancy has supported me in my work, relationships and has reconnected me to a higher purpose in life.  It has reaffirmed what I have always known inside but chose to ignore!

Emma Baker

Client Success Manager, UK

If you can imagine a vibrant, tuned-in, tech-savvy, modern-day wise woman, you have a good read on the kind of person Nancy is! Nancy’s upbeat spirit and lighthearted personality make even the difficult aspects of growth and transformation engaging and memorable. She is one of the most accepting and open people I have the pleasure of knowing. Through my late twenties and early thirties, I have worked with Nancy in person, over the phone, and via Skype for her guidance in transforming everything from habits of negative thinking to romantic relationships to speaking up with clarity and compassion. Nancy has a gift for seeing into the heart and soul of a person, and helping you to see the love and the joy that you already are (whether you see it yet or not). Seeing this about yourself helps you along the path of a transformative and fulfilling life. My own life has transformed in ways I could not have imagined before working with her.

One of the most important things that Nancy has shown me is about how much choice we have as human beings, and how our choices help us create our lives and shape our paths through life. With Nancy as a caring, compassionate, humorous, and sometimes butt-kicking mentor, I have learned to look at old habits of thinking, learn from them when that is necessary, and then let them go in favor of a new way of being, usually after both crying and laughing. I have learned about what it means to have a heart’s desire, and how that is different from being hooked on something. Nancy has shown me how heart’s desire is our most powerful guide and vital ally for living a fulfilled and fulfilling life.

If you are a young woman who is committed to the path of transformation, and is interested in the support of someone who has been there, done that, Nancy is an excellent mentor and guide for your journey!

Amy Mason

Author, Educator, Mother, and Activist

I started working with Nancy when I found myself at the end of a sticky break-up. I thought, at the time, we would have a couple of sessions to see me through this one period of grief and then I would move on, back to normal. But the sessions just kept opening up these tremendous gateways in my life that I had never before explored. She showed me how to align myself with my true nature and how to tap into my own power. The person I am today is so much kinder, confident and more powerful than I ever could have envisioned and things keep improving all the time! Under the support of Nancy, I have done so much more than deal with a break up. I have moved countries, experienced healthy romances, completely shifted professions, created an authentic lifestyle, and the greatest gift of all, I have started building a loving relationship with my distant father. I can’t believe this is my life! Nancy’s work has supported me in becoming a strong, loving, feminine, version of ME and I am eternally grateful.

Esther Cowdrey

PhD Candidate, UK