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New Beginnings

I shared this poem in our Facebook LIVE this week and as I read it I realized just how powerful it is. Let's read the poem and then I'll give you some questions for inquiry. Remember, words must be contemplated in order to be activated within you. Most have lost the...

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 Creative Alignment

Every subject has two subjects, that which is wanted and the lack of it. ~Abraham-Hicks The broad-brush stroke of my business is that I inspire people to let go of their conditioned mind or resistance (in all it’s various forms) in order to align with their Spirit and...

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Let’s imagine you have a dream

Let’s imagine you have a dream. That dream is to have something that you don't yet have. To experience something you haven't yet experienced. To create something not yet visible.   Let’s imagine that on a Monday, you feel totally inspired and ‘on fire’ about this...

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Has Your Voice Been Dismissed?

Q: When has your voice been dismissed?   A: Let me count the ways! Right?   Q: And, do you do that to yourself because it’s been done to you?   A: It’s inevitable, especially when this happens in childhood.   For women, one of the primary forms of resisting our own...

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The Power of Naming

Expressing your truth aloud to someone begins to hold you accountable for that truth. It’s the beginning of a new pathway, one that leads to your soul’s Voice. This is the gemstone of what mentorship offers. You must feel deeply seen and heard in order to do this. And...

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The Soul Needs to be Witnessed

Growth requires us to leave something behind. As I love to point out, the caterpillar literally melts inside the chrysalis. It must completely let go of its form in order to become the new one, the butterfly. For humans, it's not so simple. We have to initiate our own...

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Finding Your Voice in a Celebrity Culture

So this has been a pet peeve of mine for a very long time: How a celebrity culture actually silences the voices of the many. We are trained to look outside ourselves, listen to the latest podcast, the latest celebrity author or teacher.  I'm am not saying others...

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The Four Philosophical Cornerstones of Finding Your Voice

When I study and train with someone and learn their teachings, I like to know some background. Here's a brief summary of the philosophical cornerstones of the Find Your Voice Programs. #1 Consciousness: We are Consciousness, and the sooner we realize this, the happier...

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Do you stay silent so that others can stay comfortable?

Women have been intentionally silenced for a very long time. The impact of this is deep and wide. We have adapted by second-guessing our deepest wisdom.  Now more than ever before we need women's voices to soar. We have adapted over this long time period in many ways....

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