Let’s imagine you have a dream. That dream is to have something that you don’t yet have. To experience something you haven’t yet experienced. To create something not yet visible.
Let’s imagine that on a Monday, you feel totally inspired and ‘on fire’ about this dream. You explore options. You journal about it. You see images during the day that remind you you are on the right track.
Then, on Tuesday morning, it’s as if everything changed. You feel something very familiar that is not at all aligned with your dreams.
It’s a feeling you experienced throughout your life off and on. A feeling of defeat. Or shall we call it unworthiness. It’s a feeling that is created when we believe that our dreams cannot be realized. 
I’ve heard so many stories about how this happens from my clients over the years. This sort of conditioning is inescapable. Yet, so many in our world of social media, influencers, and celebrity act as if they have transcended it all. (More on this later!) 

those dreams that you were told were far-fetched, out of your league, not for you — those dreams have an energy, a Light, a spark. Yes, dreams have a spark, literally. 
On the journey-of-becoming, the #1 hard part is to go deep enough to feel the flame inside you and to blow on it, to nourish it, to believe in it. 
The #2 hard part is to see clearly the conditioned feelings of defeat, unworthiness, hopelessness for what they are–the shadow of collective conditioning created to silence you and keep you where you are.
We have both of these hard parts covered in the Becoming YOU, again 1:1 Retreat.