Nancy Swisher's Find Your Voice Program
Hi! I’m Nancy.
I absolutely love guiding women to find the voice of their deepest Self and stand behind it because this is part of my soul’s purpose. I’m an international workshop leader, award-winning writer, and author of a literary memoir, The Life That Woke Me Up Was My Own. My life is full of all that brings me joy: play, study, work and rest.

Expressing my voice and standing behind it wasn’t always easy for me. In 1980, I was 29 and hopeless. It was the worst year of my life, after an intense decade. I was terrified to speak out and share my gifts. I felt disconnected and lost. I knew I had a big purpose: I could feel it in my gut. But I struggled with doubt and low self-esteem.

How would I live this big purpose if I couldn’t even share my truths with anyone beyond my journal and small circle of friends? Or even know what my truths were?

I took time off from my college teaching job to try and get “clear” on my direction and yet I didn’t have any tools or support other than writing and reading. I didn’t know about meditation, I didn’t have a mentor, I had a disquieting experience with a therapist, and I was trying to rely on my intellect to free myself of this pain and anguish. But…

I didn’t realize it was my habitual mind and its social conditioning that was keeping me silent and small.

Following a series of synchronicities, I ended up participating in a meditation and yoga retreat. These new tools helped me begin to untangle the stories of limitation and conditioning that had trapped me for so long. I began to have hope for my future.

I dedicated myself to getting support from mentors, teachers and spiritually-based counselors so I could heal the subconscious beliefs that blocked my Self-expression. I was committed to doing the work to ultimately bring forth the authentic empowered feminine Voice of my deepest Self. As I healed, I deepened my own training and coaching mastery so I could expertly guide women through this same terrain.

Today, I’m reaping all the rewards of finding, and standing behind, my voice…

from traveling the world to the soul satisfaction of knowing I’m sharing the gifts I am meant to share. It is my greatest joy to support women, like you, to move beyond their own fears and doubts, to find their voice.

I know this journey well. I also know that having a guide makes all the difference.


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Her literary memoir, The Life That Woke Me Up Was My Own, is available on Amazon and Audible. It tells the story of her own evolution of consciousness as she embarked on the heroine’s journey of finding her lost voice. Nancy holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Vermont College of Fine Arts.  She was awarded the New York Individual Artists Grant for poetry in 1983 (CAPS grant). She has done book readings of her memoir across England, Scotland in Iowa and online.