Growth requires us to leave something behind. As I love to point out, the caterpillar literally melts inside the chrysalis. It must completely let go of its form in order to become the new one, the butterfly.

For humans, it’s not so simple. We have to initiate our own letting go, our own ‘melting’ of false beliefs and our own imagining of who we are Becoming.
The ‘something’ that we must let go of in order to grow and transform can be physical habits, an old self-concept or habits of mind, a job, a person or an organization. Letting go involves grief. Make space for grief in the process of growth. You have to mourn your former self to make room for a newer you.
Slowing down is necessary. Feeling into your body is necessary. Allowing tears to flow is necessary.
Many times, if we don’t know how to navigate this kind of transition in the growing process, having a mentor who understands and who has been through it many times is the key.
In the Find Your Voice Mentorship, sometimes it’s a simple release of feelings that propels you forward into finally being able to take action on your goal. Those feelings anchored you to your old self-concept. Once they were witnessed and released, freedom followed.
The soul needs to be witnessed–to be seen, heard, and companioned exactly as it is. The human needs to know that she is fine, just the way she is. Growth isn’t about making the present wrong; it’s about growing, about knowing there is always expansion to be had.
Yes, growth is necessary to be fully alive!

Inquiry Questions:

  • Is there something you know you need to leave behind?
  • Are you hanging on to a comfort zone from the past because you aren’t sure how to go forward?
  • When has your voice been dismissed? And are you doing that to yourself also?

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