Find Your Voice. Stand Behind It. Change the World.

Your ultimate authority is the divine voice in your own soul.

As a woman committed to living your highest potential, finding the voice of your deepest self is essential. It is this voice that anchors you to and illuminates your path.

The Voice of your Essence might say to you:

“Do not make your world small. Do not hide from the world. You are here to guide others to their Light. You are here to illuminate the sacred in all things. You are here to live the dream of your feminine heart.”

Finding the courage to stand behind it:

Fear often gets in the way of expressing our voices in the world.  Too often we hedge, keep our voice private or doubt its value altogether.  You know the feeling, right?

Every woman I work with has experienced being silenced.  Usually, it happened early, and more than once.  These experiences lead us to conclude that our voice and our wisdom is crazy, not important, illogical, or unnecessary.  We decide this in order to conform and make our way without conflict.  

Life unfolds around these silences, until we stop and transform them.

Change your life, and the world:

For older, mature women, your life is good, successful, and happy.  Yet, you know there’s a deeper calling that you no longer are willing to push down.  The mature wisdom that experience brings is tapping on your heart as a desire to be expressed.

For young women, you do not want to spend decades living out the silences of your mother or grandmother. You are determined to find your voice now and create your life from Essence. You do not want to accept less than you want. But you’re not sure how to achieve all of this.

The Program:

Group Option: Many times being alone on your journey reinforces the silence. This group program offers both the content of the Find Your Voice core teachings along with the support of a group of women with similar intentions.

Individual Option: A 3-month transformational online Intensive delivered in a one-to-one format, which provides the deepest level of transformation possible because it is tailored to your personal life experience.

The Results:

You will finally realize that the voice within you is an infinite source of wisdom, love, and direction.

You will have the tools to cultivate that voice with a daily spiritual practice of your own design.

You will heal the fears that have kept you silent and scared you into conformity.

This will be your primary life purpose—to cultivate the voice of your deeper Self and bring it forth into the world.

All the other goals—the book, the business, the relationship– become secondary because they emerge from your deep inner awareness—from the deeper reality of your Essential Self and your ability to give it Voice.


It is hard to put into words the immense impact Nancy’s “Find your Voice” program has had in my life. I started the program after the end of a difficult relationship with no sense of who I was besides my painful stories and my loss. I felt silenced and discounted. Through my work with Nancy, I was able to identify how my silencing occurred and the impact it had on the trajectory of my life. By identifying and dismantling the painful stories that led me to lose my voice, I was able to reclaim the parts of me I had lost. Nancy intuitively knew when to push me to dig a little deeper and when to simply hold space for me.

Today, I am a strong and confident woman in touch with my own voice and wisdom. I can clearly identify what is in my highest good and what no longer serves me. Before meeting Nancy, I had been working with a mentoring group. Working one on one with Nancy in her 3-month “Find your Voice” Program, I had the breakthroughs I was unable to reach in one year of working with a group. In the relatively short time working with Nancy, I have come to live my life from a deeply conscious place, in alignment with my life purpose, connected to my inherent joy and deep understanding of my own voice and wisdom. It has been the best investment in my growth both personally and professionally I have ever made.

Nicole Wettemann

Holistic Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor,

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