Every subject has two subjects, that which is wanted and the lack of it. ~Abraham-Hicks

The broad-brush stroke of my business is that I inspire people to let go of their conditioned mind or resistance (in all it’s various forms) in order to align with their Spirit and Soul’s purpose. Such an alignment naturally creates happiness and joy.  One of the keys to alignment is to let go of the need for other’s approval.  Since I possess a level of mastery over the external approval-thing, you would think that as I write my ‘business book’, I would not worry about genre, or structure, or following someone else’s rules about what such a book should be.

I wish.

Occasionally, I slip into worry about such things as whether I can allow the poet in me to come through and still write a book about my business.  Then there’s the voice that says, You must have clear steps for people to follow! which, of course, doesn’t sit well with the poet in me either.  The ‘darkest’ voice of all is the one that says, You can’t be an expert and also reveal your personal journey (like I’m doing here!).  

Thoughts such as these block the flow of writing.  They are not aligned with my Source or with the book.  How do I know this?  Because of how they make me feel: worried, afraid, and stuck.   However, because I practice what I preach, as soon as the worry-story surfaces, I open my Transformation Tool Box, a virtual container stored in my consciousness that houses all the tools and processes I use to shift into alignment with my true Self whenever I notice I’m out.

On this day, I choose the tool I invented called my Sacred Stick, a new tool I am using with clients. It is a real stick, one I found at the dog beach in Santa Barbara.     The stick represents the ‘issue’ and provides a visual tool to consciously shift one’s focus about a subject from what is not wanted to what is wanted.  As part of our human conditioning, we tend to focus on what we don’t want rather than what we do want, especially around subjects that carry any sort of baggage.  Unfortunately, when we focus on what we don’t want, we will get more of what we don’t want.  

To begin, I simply stare at the left side of my stick, which represents where I am right now.  I say aloud, “The subject I am focusing on now is the subject of writing my book.”  Then I ask, “What thoughts am I thinking and what is the vibration of those thoughts?”

You may ask, “Why do this?  Of course you know what you’re thinking.”  You’d be surprised how unconscious some thoughts are.  The more conscious you make each step of this process, the further you shift your vibration in relation to the subject you are working on.

The thoughts I hear in response to my question are: ‘I’ll never finish my book’; ‘It’s crazy’; and ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’.  All of these statements create a story, one with historical roots, which I won’t elaborate on here.  The vibration or emotion of this story feels frightening, doubtful, and at times hopeless and powerless, feelings at the bottom of the emotional scale.

I look at my stick, holding it tightly.  I ask, “Is this worry-story a story that matches the lack of my book or the presence of my book?”  I feel into the question, molding the clay of my conscious awareness.  These thoughts match the lack of my book, of course, the lack of writing it and the lack of joy I experience when I allow it to come through me. 

With this awareness firmly planted in my consciousness, I look at my stick once more.  The left end is the lack end.  The right end is the BOOK, which my Spirit knows already exists on the vibrational level.  I turn my head.  I note the turning of my head.  This is another moment of choice.  I choose to look at the BOOK-end of my stick, the end where what seems to be in the future is here now when I imagine it to be so.  I search for thoughts that I know are true, thoughts that create the presence of my book, such as, ‘I love to write’, ‘I have so much written that is really good’, ‘I have support for finishing the book’, ‘I know my writing inspires people’, ‘I have finished books before’, ‘I feel the finished book’, and ‘Spirit directs the flow’.

With some effort, focus and practice, suddenly, I feel free and aligned once again with my Desire.  By focusing on the end of the stick that represents the book itself, by giving myself time to consciously tell a new story, I change my vibration in relation to my book.  I align with what I want rather than the lack of it. I feel the presence of the book; I expect its unfolding; my natural happiness returns.

And so, I write.  It flows.  Soon, I notice the sun, which has been shining all morning.  I eagerly anticipate the joy of sharing my book with many people.  I anchor the feeling of inevitability

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Copyright 2009 An oldie. But still relevant.