Find Your Voice and Stand Behind It.

A 4-Month 1:1 Mentorship Program

As a woman committed to living your highest potential, finding the voice of your deepest self is essential. It is this voice that anchors you to and illuminates your path.

If you’re here, chances are, you know you have a bigger purpose than what you’re living right now, but you don’t know how to access it or haven’t had the right support.

You may be struggling with…

Finding Your Voice:

  • You’re ashamed to admit that you’re not honoring your deeper wisdom; you still say yes when you mean no and no when you mean yes. (So you stay in that relationship and/or job that no longer works for you.)
  • You’re feeling disconnected from your inner wisdom since you’re not living from that place. Everyone else’s opinions and demands of you take priority.
  • You feel shackled by a life that’s too small for you yet don’t know how to set yourself free.
  • You wake up at night, knowing you have a bigger purpose yet afraid you don’t have what it takes to live it.

And Standing Behind It:

  • You doubt the value of what you have to share with the world, and this stops you from starting your new business, writing your book or going for your other dream.
  • Your inner critic is loud and ruthless: telling you that you need more experience, education, training, before you’re ready to share your gifts. (And basically, that you’re not enough as you are.)
  • You’re numbing out with busyness, food, shopping and daily distractions.
  • You keep looking outside of yourself for permission (and even approval) to live your purpose and passion.

And… you’ve had ENOUGH. You’re tired of living from those old habits. You’re not going to do this anymore. It’s time to change. You just don’t know how.

That’s where I come in…

Hi! I’m Nancy Swisher. I absolutely love guiding women to find the voice of their deepest Self and stand behind it because this is my divine purpose. I’m an international workshop leader, award-winning writer, and author of a literary memoir, “The Life That Woke Me Up Was My Own.” My life is full of all that brings me joy: play, study, work and rest.

Expressing my voice and standing behind it wasn’t always easy for me. In 1980, I was 29 and hopeless. It was the worst year of my life, after an intense decade. I was terrified to speak out and share my gifts. I felt disconnected and lost. I knew I had a big purpose: I could feel in in my gut. But I struggled with doubt…

How would I live this big purpose if I couldn’t even share my opinions and viewpoints with anyone beyond my small circle of friends?

I took time off from my college teaching job to try and get “clear” on my direction and yet I didn’t have any tools or support. I didn’t know about meditation, I didn’t have a mentor, and I was trying to rely on my mind to get myself free of this pain and anguish. But…

I didn’t realize it was my mind, and the social conditioning it was full of, that was keeping me silent and small.

Following a series of synchronicities, I ended up participating in a meditation and yoga retreat. These new tools helped me begin to untangle the stories of limitation and conditioning that had trapped me for so long. I began to have hope for my future.

I dedicated myself to getting support from mentors so I could heal the subconscious beliefs that blocked my Self expression. I was committed to doing the work to ultimately bring forth the authentic empowered feminine Voice of my deepest Self. As I healed, I deepend in my own training and coaching mastery so I could expertly guide women through this same terrain.

Today, I’m reaping all the rewards of finding, and standing behind, my voice…

from receiving awards to traveling the world to the soul satisfaction of knowing I’m sharing my gifts with other women. It is my greatest joy to support women, like you, to move beyond their own fears and doubts, to find their voice.

I know this journey well. I also know that having a guide makes all the difference. That’s why I created this program. It would be my honor to support you in discovering the voice of your own deep Self, so you, too, can reap the rewards of living your highest potential and divine purpose.

Here’s What’s Possible For You In This 4-Month Mentorship Program:

Phase 1:  Finding Your Voice: 

The more you stay silenced, the more you feel inauthentic and less than. To find your voice you must practice coming out of the trance of your conditioned mind that shuts down your Divine nature.

In Phase 1, you’ll discover how to…

  • Hold yourself in high esteem and honor your deeper wisdom.
  • Learn how to have honest conversations with others to be congruent with your YES and your NO.
  • Get connected to your inner wisdom and live from your heart’s desire. (Other people’s opinions no longer control you.)
  • Sleep restfully through the night (Yet if you do wake up, instead of being plagued by fears, you’re inspired and full of ideas for your book, your next day or your next big adventure.)

Phase 2: Stand Behind Your Voice:

During Phase 2 we unlock the programming that keeps you small, bringing awareness to patterns of conformity that are not authentic. You learn to take inspired action based on inner guidance to live your highest potential.

In Phase 2, you’ll discover how to…

  • Believe in yourself and take inspired action on your creative ideas.
  • No longer believe the inner critic and know that you are enough as you are.
  • Practice Stillness daily to tap into the bliss of life (so that the old distractions and patterns of numbing out fall away).
  • Anchor into your own inner authority and give yourself permission to live your life for you.

This is what your life, as a

confident woman living her purpose,

looks like.

I was drawn to attend Nancy’s ‘Find Your Voice Retreat’ in July of 2019, something deep inside me knew I had to be there. The retreat was an amazing experience and it felt so good to meet other women who like me had come to realise that somehow or other we had all been silenced.

The retreat gave me a taster of how Nancy worked and I liked it a lot! Thought provoking content and practical tools all delivered with great humour and compassion. I then made the decision to work with Nancy in her 1:1 Mentorship. Since then, I scarcely recognise myself. I am able to speak my truth without tying myself in knots, or worrying I might upset others. There is far less internal resistance to me speaking up for myself. I can do it naturally and with grace. I trust myself so much more than before. I am tuned into a deep inner knowing which on occasion prompts me to be quite bold. Sometimes I almost have to stop myself and say “did I just do (or say) that?”

Often with this kind of work the individual doesn’t always see the progress that is being made. But in my work with Nancy, I can clearly see the advances I have made. I recognise myself as a woman who stands up for herself, stands up for others, embraces her talent for creative language, expresses her emotions in full, speaks to strangers, helps strangers, sets boundaries, is eloquent, communes with nature, attracts an audience, shares her gifts, sings in the shower, tunes into her intuitive voice; and I don’t doubt there is more to come.

In saying ‘yes’ to all the above I am saying ‘no’ to silence, fear and shame.”
Oh, and my childhood dream of writing a book has resurfaced with Nancy’s gentle encouragement.

Judith Morris | Holistic Declutter Coach |

I am starting to recognize the unlimited power of the work we are doing. It’s literally alchemy. But it’s like alchemy that would astound even most alchemists! I feel the strength of my voice; I see the sheer beauty of my being, inside and out, and I feel the unlimited worldly and spiritual success coming towards me, that it actually is already in me. My gratitude is almost ineffable!

Katy Hapgood

Nancy has helped me to transform my life, from finding my voice, to shining a light on my subconscious fears and beliefs, to helping me realize and connect to the source of all that I am. To say I am grateful is beyond words. Her gentle, always supportive and illuminating insights makes her a most gifted and wonderful guide for anyone seeking to find and express themselves at their highest being. I cannot recommend her enough.

Dr. Shamsul Shah


I have undergone monumental shifts in my life, on every level – love, career and health. Old things that were not serving me have been released and the Esther today is strong in romantic relationships, professionally, and on a deep soul level. The biggest shift during my work with Nancy has been switching my focus from academic pursuits to honouring my poetry. When Nancy and I started the program, I was unaware of my own power and scared to honour anything that ‘just’ came from me. Nancy really stood behind my abilities, even at times that I doubted myself, and guided me in addressing all the conditioning and barriers around my own voice and creativity. I am now in the process of having my first book of over 120 powerful poems published.

Structurally, the program was great. Nancy would send follow-up e-mails that really helped to keep me on track and after each block of sessions we would do a review which really helped me to see the progress and to see my own voice very clearly. Nancy has always been available to e-mail in moments of doubt and really gives this sense that she is truly invested in your wellbeing rather than just selling something. I highly recommend this program. You only ever go onwards and upwards with Nancy, with love and support every step of way.

Esther Cowdery

Since completing the Find Your Voice Program, I am stronger, more sure of myself and know that my decisions will always be good when made from my heart. I really get that my voice matters. I am able to understand how I was silenced and how I have also felt the collective of all women’s silences; that heaviness of not being me that was so hard to pinpoint. Now, I have a new rich foundation of my Voice—my deep Self. It talks to me, guides me, protects me. This foundation holds me and tells me I matter. I am now free. I am capable; there are no chains I cannot overcome. The foundation that carries me is attached to the vertical plane of my Spirit — there is always nourishment there for the actualization of my heart’s desires.

Julie Rose

Since participating in Nancy’s Find Your Voice Program, a miracle has occurred — I’ve transformed my consciousness from feeling like a victim of what was happening around me to being an advocate and taking up the space I need; I’ve stopped suppressing my true expression and found my voice; I’ve moved from resignation to being the co-creator of my experience… A massive shift!

Ingrid McGuffog, PhD


Ready to Find Your Voice?


Because of the depth of this program, there is a short application process, including a chat with Nancy.

What’s Included In The 4-Month Mentorship Program

Nine 75-minute 1:1 Facilitation Sessions (4/month)

Receive customized support with navigating your current life, both personally and professionally, with more authenticity, while doing the deeper work of healing old wounds and stories, so that you discover how to listen to your inner guidance, find your Voice and ultimately, stand behind it.

Topics of discussion, contexts and trainings in our sessions relevant to your personal journey may include, but are not limited to: Contemplative Meditation, Universal Laws, Feminism, Buddhist teachings, New Thought teachings, and Inner Child healing.

Pre- and Post-Session Reflections: receive pre-session reflections to make the most out of each 1:1 session, along with post-session emails designed to support you in integrating the shifts and insights that occured during your session which deepens your transformation.

Private Email Support: receive real time support for those moments you get stuck, need clarification, or wish to celebrate a breakthrough! Email support keeps you engaged, inspired, supported in between sessions and accountable.

Find Your Voice and Stand Behind It Workbook: this downloadable, easy to use workbook walks you through my signature  “Find Your Voice” Process. It includes worksheets and step-by-step exercises designed to keep you engaged, supported and moving forward with your journey. Key themes include how to:

  1. Slow down to Stillness
  2. Listen to your Spirit
  3. Let go of the false self
  4. Explore your silences
  5. Feel your Heart’s desire
  6. Find the language of your own wisdom
  7. Overcome fears of visibility 

BONUS #1: Self-Discovery Assessment: take an inventory and get oriented to your biggest challenges and desires so we customize your program exactly to where you are right now.

BONUS #2: “How to Write a Spiritual Journal for Deeper Connection to Your Wisdom and Power”: This online program guides you in using the power of language to assist you in your healing and creative journey. You’ll be introduced to journaling, which is a practice known to strengthen your connection to spirit. Delivered in an easy-to-download ebook (PDF) and meditation (Mp3).

It is hard to put into words the immense impact Nancy’s Find your Voice Program has had in my life. Through my work with Nancy, I was able to identify how my silencing occurred and the impact it had on the trajectory of my life. Nancy intuitively knew when to push me to dig a little deeper and when to simply hold space for me.  Today, I am a strong and confident woman in touch with my own voice and wisdom.   Before meeting Nancy, I had been working with a mentoring group.  Working one on one with Nancy in her Mentorship program, I had the breakthroughs I was unable to reach in one year of working with a group. It has been the best investment in my growth both personally and professionally I have ever made.

Nicole Kellerman

If you want to know who you are and what your purpose is here on earth —in the present moment— sign up for Nancy’s Find Your Voice Program!

Ann Forsythe

I.T.E.C. Complementary Therapies

Ready to Find Your Voice?


Because of the depth of this program, there is a short application process, including a chat with Nancy.

Is Find Your Voice and Stand Behind It Mentorship right for me?

See our top FAQ…

How much time do I have to invest on a weekly basis?

Women who have done this program have benefited most from committing to a minimum of thirty minutes a day. This can be spaced out to fit your life.

How much is the investment?

The cost of the 4-month 1:1 Mentorship Program is $1,600.
Payment Plans are available upon request. 

How many sessions are included?

There are Nine 75-minute 1:1 Facilitation Sessions (3/month).

How do we connect for our sessions?

We will use Skype or Zoom for our sessions with both audio and video.

What’s the length of the program?

The program is a 4-month program. However, many women choose to repeat the program at least once.

Have other questions or Need Help Enrolling?
Just email

I look forward to meeting you in the program!

Nancy Swisher, MA, MFA is Transformational Coach and Spiritual Mentor and the author of The Life That Woke Me Up Was My Own: A Memoir.  She has been supporting women to heal, transform, and evolve in consciousness for over 20 years.  She teaches her Find Your Voice and Stand Behind It Retreat in Oxford, England and at Kripalu Center in western Massachusetts. When she isn’t working within her business, she paints, studies, contemplates, and has soulful conversations with friends.

Ready to Find Your Voice?


Because of the depth of this program, there is a short application process, including a chat with Nancy.