The Importance of Self-Love

Since I began to work with clients in 1995, the core issue, no matter what result my client desired to achieve, has been a lack of self-love.

Self-love is a paradox though. In the highest reality, we are Beings of Love. This is who we are in Essence. So if this is who we are, why do we need to learn ‘how to’ love our Self?

Because for thousands of years human beings believed in separation from Source. This is how the ego has developed. Each of us has a false self, made up of patterns of thought, behavior and emotion that we constructed to survive.

In order to evolve into the Self we long to be living—-a Self who experiences abundance, loving relationships, health and creative success—we must learn how to dismantle the false self, and allow our Essence to become our reality.

Inner Bonding® is a Proven Process for Healing

I met Dr. Margaret Paul in 2001 and immediately knew that the amazing process she co-created called Inner Bonding® was the real deal. I had already been supporting clients in their healing for many years, but her method put together so many pieces of the healing and self-love journey in a very comprehensible way.

The Inner Bonding® process shows you how to maintain consistent connection with your personal source of spiritual guidance so you can:

  • Quickly release false beliefs that keep you stuck in old emotional patterns
  • Heal from guilt, shame, emptiness and aloneness
  • Move beyond self-judgment into self-compassion
  • Give voice to the parts of yourself who were never seen or heard
  • Connect to your Essence
  • Gain clarity about relationship issues, such as power-struggles

Inner Bonding® helps you feel, embrace and embody the totality of yourself, so that you are releasing your control games and habitual patterns and discovering how to take action that reflects real self-love.

If you long for a deep, unconditional self-love that allows you to free yourself from negativity, judgment, fear and shame — and to be open to a more connected, compassionate and creative relationship with yourself and others, then Inner Bonding® is for you.

I’ve been a Certified Inner Bonding® Facilitator since 2002 and teach the London Inner Bonding® weekend workshop. To learn more about working with me through this method Click here to set up a short Skype chat.

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Transformation Through Transition—- a 3-month Individual Program to guide you through any of life’s transitions so that you do not get stuck and are able to create a spiritual transformation as you move through.  Common transitions I have supported people through are:  break-ups, starting new businesses, entering new relationships.  This program is designed from our initial free Skype chat based on your needs and where you are in your personal development.  Click here to set up a call with me if you are struggling to move through a transition.


Living Your Divine Potential—- a Group Program delivered via teleseminar.  This program teaches you how to tap into your Superconscious Mind, access your heart’s Desire, discern your Inner Wisdom, and Evolve Beyond Ego.  It runs for 12 weeks.   Please contact Nancy if you are interested.