Find Your Voice Women's Club

Where women discover the Voice of their deep Self, heal conditioned silences,
and express their Soul's purpose.


Are you a woman struggling with…
Finding Your Voice:

The truth is-- you may not honoring your deeper wisdom. In other words, you say yes when you mean no and no when you mean yes. (So you stay in that relationship and/or job that no longer works for you.) You feel a lack of confidence and self-doubt.

You’re feeling disconnected from your inner wisdom, that thing that is uniquely your own. Thus, everyone else’s opinions and demands of you take priority. This can create a sense of resentment.

You wake up at night, knowing you have a bigger purpose but you are afraid you don’t have what it takes to live it.

And Standing Behind It:

You doubt the value of what you have to share with the world. You get caught up in comparing yourself to others, and this stops you from starting your new business, writing your book or going for your other dream.

You’re numbing out with busyness, food, shopping and daily distractions.

You question your own inner Truth because others have always questioned it. And you're afraid of causing anger if you do stand behind your voice.

Don’t despair—you’re not alone.

I work with women every week to heal, transform and express the Voice they long to experience in this world. 

It is absolutely possible to overcome the conditioned silences imposed upon our gender. And not only is it possible, it’s not that difficult when you have the guidance, expertise, wisdom, and community that are available in the Find Your Voice Women’s Club.

Sound familiar?

Does your Voice hide behind symptoms in your body?

When you silence your Soul’s expression, the blocked energy eventually shows up as symptoms in your physical body.  This is always true. 

  • In the Club, you will have access to specific guidance for how to bring forth the silenced parts of you.

Does your Voice suffocate
from your busyness?

In our world, busyness has become a status symbol.  Yet, it’s more like a very bad habit: It disconnects you from the deepest spiritual knowing of who we are and why we are here. To hear your Voice you must slow down.

  • In the Club, you will have access to specific guidance for slowing down.

Is your Voice buried beneath unconscious shame?

Shame mutes the tongue.  Culturally and collectively, the female body is shamed daily.  It doesn’t take long for little girls to sense that their bodies are objectified. If you don’t feel safe in your body, you don’t feel safe to speak up. 

  • In the Club, you will be part of a powerful sisterhood where we share and explore how to resist those forces that would break our Spirit and silence us.

Do you recognize your silenced genius in other people's wisdom?

In our celebrity culture, we are conditioned to project our own light onto others, always taking in everyone else’s wisdom. You may be quite conscious of your own wisdom yet fear standing behind it.  When you stand behind it, you become visible. Thus you may hide your most powerful gift. Yet, when you hide it from others, you also hide it from yourself.

  • In the Club, you’ll join with others to get the support you need to step through fears of visibility.

Did your Voice go mute in order to conform to this world?

Are you still conforming in ways that feel painful to your heart and soul?  For instance, are you distracted from focusing on your creativity because you think you should be married by now?  Or, do you avoid taking action on your heart’s desire because you are over 65 years old and think you should just relax and travel or that it’s too late anyway?

  • The Club supports you to throw away the rulebook someone else wrote and to release your imprisoned splendor.

If you recognize these patterns of silencing and long to break free — you’re in the right place.

As a woman committed to living your highest potential, finding the voice of your deepest Self is essential. It is this voice that anchors you to and illuminates your path. Your voice is why you came to planet earth. It’s the flowering of your Being---just like plants have flowers---your voice is the highest vibration of your expression.

Every woman I know has experienced being silenced.  Usually, it happens early, and more than once.  The silencing is both personal and cultural. These experiences lead her to conclude that her voice and her wisdom are crazy, not important, illogical, or unnecessary.  She decides, both consciously and unconsciously, to conform to other’s views of who she can be in order to make her way in the world.  She learns to hedge, keep her voice private and to doubt its value altogether. 

I say it’s time to end these patterns now.

It’s time for a grand chorus of women’s voices in our world.

WELCOME to The Find Your Voice Women's Club

A place where Community, Healing, and Spirituality come together to support each woman on her Find Your Voice Journey.

No matter how big or small your voice is---no matter how far it reaches into what we call the greater public---the power of aligning with your own Voice brings to the world an essential piece of our collective consciousness.  In other words, YOU matter. 

What You'll Learn In The Club:

How to excavate the hidden Voice of your Essence and bring it to full expression in all areas of your life. (Relationship, Success, Prosperity, and Health.)

Spiritual practices to access your Inner Being, the deepest dimension within you from which all things arise so that the old habits of numbing out fall away.

How to eliminate your inner critic with the power of your Presence so that you stop shrinking your magnificence.

Steps for healing conditioned beliefs that have silenced you from personal history and from the culture of patriarchy.

How to confidently claim your Heart’s Desire using the metaphysical tools from Ancient Wisdom so that other people’s opinions no longer control you.

Spiritual principles to anchor into your own inner authority and give yourself permission to live your life for you.

How to be visible in your power in a community of supportive, conscious women so that you can take your Voice into the world.

You'll learn how to effectively transform any victim mentality, fully embrace and envision the future.

Don't miss it! Join the community now to support you to discover the Voice of your deepest Self, heal conditioned silences, and give form to your Soul’s purpose!


Your Guide

I’m Nancy Swisher and my entire life has been devoted to the subject of Finding My Voice, although, of course, this was not always a conscious understanding. It’s been a journey, much of which I used as the backdrop for my memoir, The Life That Woke Me Up Was My Own.  Here’s just a little of my story:

Expressing my voice and standing behind it wasn’t always easy for me. In 1980, I was 29 and hopeless. It was the worst year of my life. I felt disconnected and lost. I knew I had a big purpose: I could feel in my gut. But I struggled with doubt...

How would I live this big purpose if I couldn’t even share my opinions and viewpoints with anyone beyond my small circle of friends?

I took time off from my college teaching job to try and get “clear” on my direction and yet I didn’t have any tools or support. I didn’t know about meditation, I didn’t have a mentor, and I was trying to rely on my mind to get myself free of this pain and anguish.  

I didn’t realize it was my mind, and the social conditioning it was full of, that was keeping me silent and small.

Following a series of synchronicities, I ended up participating in a meditation and yoga retreat in 1985. These new tools helped me begin to untangle the stories of limitation and conditioning that had trapped me for so long. I began to have hope for my future.

I dedicated myself to getting support from mentors, therapists, and teachers so I could heal the subconscious beliefs that blocked my Self expression. As I healed, I deepened my own training and coaching mastery so I could expertly guide women through this same terrain. 

Today, I’m reaping all the rewards of finding, and standing behind, my voice…

It is my greatest joy to support women, like you, to move beyond their own fears and doubts, to find their voice and be visible in the world.

I know this journey well. I also know that having a guide makes all the difference. That’s why I created the Find Your Voice Women’s Club. It would be my great pleasure to have you be part of this new venture, so that you, too, can reap the rewards of living your highest potential and divine purpose.

Club member's testimonials...

To me, the Find Your Voice Women’s Club is a bargain. At about the price of a casual sit-down dinner for two, you get access to everything Nancy teaches to help you not only find your voice and stand behind it but to also help heal your inner child, discover your heart’s desires, manifest them, and live your true purpose. And you get to do it with like-minded women from around the world. ~ Jodie

For me the most powerful thing about being in the Club is being able to be heard by a group of like-minded, wise women. I have loved the zoom calls, feeling connected to other women and  hearing about their experiences with the work we are doing. Hearing their stories. Especially when one of our members shared about her history of sexual abuse. I think because we don’t normally talk about things like this in our lives, so I wouldn’t have guessed it had happened to her, so it felt really lovely to be in a safe space where we could talk about this. That was probably my most memorable moment of the club so far.  ~ Katy

My involvement in the Club has truly been invaluable in so many ways. The group of women that show up regularly to the calls, the wisdom and support that is always available-- I am deeply blessed by being part of the Club. It is a bridge to finding my voice and expressing it that I would have incredible difficulty crossing alone. Nancy is an authentic, intuitive and knowledgeable guide and she offers clear practices to get started on the journey. It’s wonderful to be walking beside others on the same path. And I really appreciate the affordability! The Club is a win all around! ~ Maura 

Life is really tough when you feel you are all alone in your growing. Coming together in a group like this, of like-minded women, who push to understand and grow their heart's desire is a real gift. Yet, the best gift here is having a coach like Nancy, facilitating with her years of experience and hard-won wisdom. ~ Julie

A sneak peak at what's in the
Find Your Voice Women's Club!


  • Monthly FYV teachings
  • Community
  • Mini-facilitations
  • Recordings

Wisdom Library

  • Classics on Self-Love
  • Spiritual Forgiveness
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Transformational writing.

Practice Portals

  • Our main learning hub
  • FYV Assessment Tool
  • Practices for each Portal
  • Upward Spiral of Awakening

Stillness Retreats

  • Monthly
  • Meditation
  • Writing
  • Deepening Your Practice


  • Women supporting women
  • Healing silences together
  • Affirming our Voices
  • New connections

Writing Hour!

  • Monthly
  • Soul Words Writing
  • Language and Intuition
  • Your Story

And Each & Every Month You Get...

‘Live’ Masterclass with Nancy

These calls are on the foundational topics of the Find Your Voice Journey of Awakening corresponding to the 7 Practice Portals: 

  • Slowing Down to Stillness 
  • Listening to Your Spirit
  • Letting go of the False Self
  • Exploring Conditioned Silences
  • Claiming your Heart’s Desire
  • Writing Your Wisdom
  • Getting Visible

The specifics of the calls come from real experiences with clients and students and club members, and from what Nancy is guided to teach each month. 

To support you with applying the teaching of the Masterclass, the Wisdom Library inside the Club offers supplemental materials available 24/7, with new additions each month.

‘Live’ Stillness Retreat 

Going within is the most challenging practice there is for most humans. This is why every month you will have access to a ‘live’ Stillness Retreat. Nancy will teach one aspect of Ancient Wisdom and then guide you into the stillness of your Inner Being.

Practice consciously connecting to your Inner Being is the most important practice there is. You will learn why this is!

‘Live’ Writing Class with Nancy

The Writing class will be about developing your intuitive abilities when it comes to language and self-expression. Whether that be in a journal, an idea for your business, or a vignette from your life story, we will write together and Nancy will teach from her decades of experience as a writing facilitator.

July 2024 Membership Events

  • Masterclass: Manifesting Your Heart's Desire

Tuesday, July 9th

2 pm CDT, 3 pm EDT, 8 pm UK

Writing Class: "I Write to Hear My Voice"
Tuesday, July 16th
2 pm CDT, 3 pm EDT, 8 pm UK

  • Stillness-Meditation Retreat (Includes teaching on Spiritual Consciousness)
    Tuesday, July 30
    2 pm CDT, 3 pm EDT, 8 pm UK

Who is the Find Your Voice
Women's Club for?

A woman strongly committed to her self-expression from the deepest place within her in all areas of life: Creativity, Prosperity, Relationship, Success, and Health.

A woman who has done much healing and now wants to focus on learning how to manifest her highest calling. And yes, healing still happens but it’s not the main focal point.

A woman on the threshold of creating something new, bigger, and more aligned with her Heart’s Desires than ever before.

A woman aware of her resistance to speaking up for herself for fear of upsetting others and willing to go beyond her comfort zone of staying silent.

A woman who knows she deserves support for navigating her journey into full self-expression and sovereignty.

A woman who sees life as an evolutionary journey, continually expanding and transforming from the inside out.

Testimonials for Find Your Voice
and Stand Behind It

“I am starting to recognize the unlimited power of the work we are doing. It’s literally alchemy. But it’s like alchemy that would astound even most alchemists! I feel the strength of my voice; I see the sheer beauty of my being, inside and out, and I feel the unlimited worldly and spiritual success coming towards me, that it actually is already in me. My gratitude is almost ineffable!”

- Katy Hapgood, London

“Nancy has helped me to transform my life, from finding my voice, to shining a light on my subconscious fears and beliefs, to helping me realize and connect to the source of all that I am. I am grateful beyond words. Her gentle, always supportive and illuminating insights makes her a most gifted and wonderful guide for anyone seeking to find and express themselves as their highest Being. I cannot recommend her enough.”

- Dr. Shamsul Shah, Auckland

“Based on my experience, I think Nancy’s coaching is so profoundly effective because she has developed authentic authority through devoting her own life, time, money, and attention to her own path of development. So, if you have a chance to work with Nancy, TAKE IT!!!  She is a true master---she transmits wisdom---and she will help you become the true master of your own life and work.”

- Susanna McCann, Founder | Radiant Embodied Woman

After you join:
What happens next?

Once you join, you’ll immediately be sent to the log-in page for the Club site so you can start right away. There, you will find a Find Your Voice Assessment and materials for all the Practice Portals. You will also receive an email with the month’s schedule of
‘Live’ Calls with Nancy. We’ll also welcome you into our private Facebook Group where you can introduce yourself and share your intentions for being in the Club.

Join the community now to support you to discover the Voice of your deepest Self, heal conditioned silences, and give form to your Soul’s purpose!

Testimonials from Nancy’s
Find Your Voice 1:1 Mentorship Program:

"Nancy is unlike anyone I’ve ever worked. I first met her in her Find Your Voice Retreat at Kripalu Center. I had such a profoundly powerful experience over one weekend that I enrolled in her 1:1 Mentorship. I’ve been in traditional talk therapy for over a decade and found myself stagnant. I have made huge strides since we started working together. With Nancy’s help, I’ve learned to slow down and hear the Voice of my own inner wisdom and to realize that I am a Being of Consciousness, not just a human being.  I am becoming the person I am truly meant to be."  ~ Ariel Szabo, Boston

"Nancy journeyed with me and supported me to find my Voice, to connect with my true Self, to dream and to dare and to act. She listened deeply and reflected back the best of my Self.  She encouraged and saw me and named things for me that I didn't know. I appreciate her softness and natural, open way of being, as well as her clarity and directness. She guided me well at an important stage in my evolution and I am so grateful!" ~ Tamsen Kidd, England

Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the membership open?
The Club is open for new members at the beginning of each month. Due to the world situation, I've decided to leave it open rather than closing it except for a couple weeks a year. When you become a member, you will have access to our Wisdom Library and Member Site where you can watch past Masterclasses and begin to explore the path of Finding Your Voice. And you'll be able to join our private Facebook Group!

How is this membership different than all the others?
Most memberships offer primarily lots of information. You get information in the Club, but you also get 3 whole hours per month with me and fellow members. I believe Presence is essential for real transformation, moreso than information. Because of these 3 hours ‘live’ you get the chance for real
Q & A tailored to YOU. Other memberships just don’t offer this high degree of individual attention.

Who is the Find Your Voice Women’s Club for?
The Club is for women who want to say YES to themselves in ways they never have. It’s for writers, coaches, spiritual seekers, leaders---all women with a strong desire to manifest your deepest purpose at this point in time. Because we evolve, there is always a new Voice to find and stand behind.

Why such a low investment for everything that’s included?
Simple—because I have a strong desire to reach more women with the Find Your Voice Journey of Awakening. It has been a calling for a long time and I’m thrilled to be able to offer everything the Club provides to each and every one of you who enrolls. 3 hours with me is typically up to $500. In the Club it's $37.

What if I’m not on Facebook?
The main community aspect of the Club takes place on Facebook so I highly recommend you join. However, our 3-monthly Zoom calls are on Zoom so if that is the main reason you are joining, no worries. The recording of all classes will be available on the membership site as well. Also, the Wisdom Library materials are online and not on Facebook alone.

What if I’m not ready right now? Can I join later?
The Club is open. Why wait?

How much is the membership fee?
$37 monthly or $185 6-month membership. The 6-month is the best deal. You get one month free. But the monthly is a very flexible option too.

Can I pay for more than just one month and receive a discount?
Yes! With the 6-month membership you get one month FREE.

What’s your cancellation/refund policy?

For monthly subscribers:
We’re confident that if you access everything that’s available to you and take action, you’ll get enormous benefit from participating fully in The Find Your Voice Women’s Club. But if after reviewing the content and the additional benefits of being a member in the Club you don’t think it’s worth the cost of your membership, just let us know within 5 days of your next payment date, and we'll cancel your membership

For 6-month members:
More than likely you already know how beneficial this will be; thus, you purchased the 6-month membership. However, if after reviewing the content and the additional benefits of being a member in the Club you wish to cancel your membership, email us at within 30 days of your enrollment date, and we’ll give you a full refund of your initial enrollment fee.  After 30 days there are no refunds for the 6-month membership.

I have another question?
Please email

Ready to join the community?

Discover the Voice of your deepest Self, heal conditioned silences,
and give form to your Soul’s purpose!







1 month free!

Hear What My Clients
Have to Say...

"Since intensifying my practice and work with Nancy, a miracle has occurred----I’ve transformed my consciousness from feeling like a victim of what was happening around me to being an advocate and taking up the space I need; I’ve stopped suppressing my true expression and found my voice; I’ve moved from resignation to being the co-creator of my experience... A massive shift!"

- Ingrid McGuffog, PhD

"Since my work with Nancy, I recognize myself as a woman who stands up for herself, stands up for others, and embraces her talent for creative language, expresses her emotions in full, speaks to strangers, sets boundaries, is eloquent, communes with nature, attracts an audience, shares her gifts, sings in the shower, tunes into her intuition; and I don't doubt there is more to come. In saying 'yes' to all of the above, I am saying 'no' to silence, fear and shame.  

- Judith Morris
Holistic Declutter Coach,

I look forward to meeting you inside the Club!

Nancy Swisher, MA, MFA is Transformational Coach and Spiritual Mentor and the author of The Life That Woke Me Up Was My Own: A Memoir.  She has been supporting women to heal, transform, and evolve in consciousness for over 26 years.  She teaches her Find Your Voice and Stand Behind It Retreat in Oxford, England and at Kripalu Center in western Massachusetts. When she isn’t working within her business, she paints, studies, contemplates, and has soulful conversations with friends.

Have other questions or Need Help Enrolling?
Just email