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There is a world of difference between a voice that speaks from the neck up and one that arises from the depths of bodily knowing.  Women who have primarily identified with the intellect may believe we have found our voices before we have found our depths.  From Women’s Voices, A Journal of Archetype and Culture
My word for the voices that speak from the neck up?   Airbrushed!
Much of the messaging in the self-help and spiritual marketing world is flooded with airbrushed voices that sound like this:  “4 ways to replace worry with joy”.  Whereas the more authentic voices in this field, such as Thich Nhat Hanh, have a deeper message:  “We shouldn’t be afraid of suffering.  Rather, we should understand how to be with it.”
In other words, there are those voices whose aim is to sell something, and there are those voices whose aim is to convey wisdom.  They are very different voices yet on the surface they sometimes look the same.  To recognize the difference you must also recognize the depth of your own voice..
You have an authentic voice also.  It’s not just ONE voice as in a ‘thing’ or a ‘noun’.  Your voice is a living, breathing expression of your Essence. 
It is your Soul’s longing to experience itself as whole and expressed on this plane.
What happens in your life when you find your voice?
This depends on your life and what your life is oriented around.  In other words, your calling, your joy, your talent, and your Essence—your voice is composed of all of this.  Your voice is also composed of the expression of your journey and the wisdom you have gained in your life thus far.
You see, your Voice is the expression of your Essence.  If you still have ego patterns blocking your awareness of Essence (which everyone does) then those must be dismantled in order to hear the voice of your true Self.  This work reveals the wisdom embedded within the challenges you have had.

When you find your voice, you no longer feel erased. 

“Some women get erased a little at a time, some all at once. Some reappear. Every woman who appears wrestles with the forces that would have her disappear. She struggles with the forces that would tell her story for her, or write her out of the story, the genealogy, the rights of man, the rule of law. The ability to tell your own story, in words or images, is already a victory, already a revolt.” –Rebecca Solnit

Your Voice is where the consciousness of YOU is expressed in words that convey the Light and Love of your heart and soul. Finding your voice is a revolt because the feminine voice has been erased for a long long time. 
Your voice is the absolute natural outcome of your life IF you honor your own journey as a sacred one, IF you see your own wounds as sacred wounds, and IF you commit to expressing your Light and contributing your unique gifts—no matter how big or how small—to this world.
I’m going to share with you soon some of the ‘voices’ of my clients who are working with me in the online intensive programs.  They are so beautiful and magnificent.  Stay tuned for that!
In the meantime, there is a global wave of expansion and expression happening right now on our beloved Earth.  Your voice can be part of that wave. 

If you feel that part of your voice has been erased, that you learned to ‘airbrush’ it in order to conform and it’s time for you to break free of that pattern, then check out the Find Your Voice program by clicking here.  At the end of the program description you’ll be invited to schedule a free chat with me.  I look forward to that!  The solstice discount is still in place through July.

Love and summer blessings,