Michelle Obama Finding your voice


As I put the finishing touches on the Find Your Voice retreat I’m leading in Oxford, I am so inspired to hear Michelle Obama speak out about the importance of ‘our voices’ during a recent event she spoke at in Boston.  When important messages make it to the public level she represents, I am hopeful that the work I do, though on a small and somewhat private scale, ripples out and out.  As you know, the world evolves one person at a time, one consciousness at a time. 

From Michelle’s interview:

“We women think 12 times before we open our mouths—‘Well maybe I’m wrong’…. We argue with ourselves in our head and we think that ‘Before I speak up, it has to be perfect.’ …… And if you’ve been socialized to think your voice doesn’t matter—and it’s done in very subtle ways: maybe it happened at your dinner table with the father you adored who would talk right over you, or the brothers who just took up too much space and you learned to be quiet, or the mother who told you that being ladylike meant that you watched your words and you didn’t interrupt … There’s so much that goes on that shushes us.” …. “We let our voices become invisible and then it’s hard to get them back.”

I’m sure she’s done a lot of hard work to make sure her own voice did not get silenced. 

It is hard work.  And it’s essential if you are committed to living the authentic lives and purpose you came here to live.

Your Voice is that point where the nonphysical Being that you are expresses itself in this time-space dimension.

That voice is within you and it’s your responsibility to give it form, to go within long enough, to listen and to clear what may be blocking it.  There’s a process for doing this.  It’s the process I offer in all of the work I do for finding your voice, both in the retreat and individually.  It’s the process that has arisen from my own journey over many decades.  It was 1971 when I first became conscious of the voice I had silenced.

There is nothing more blissful that expressing your True Self.  Nothing!  So if you long for that expression of YOU to manifest in the world, I’m here to guide you in this journey.

Join me in March 2-4, 2018 at the beautiful Kripalu Center in western Massachusetts for the Find Your Voice and Stand Behind It weekend for women.  CLICK HERE to register.

Here’s an older blog called “What’s possible when you reclaim the voice of your heroine?” that describes the voice we’ll be excavating and nurturing at Kripalu!