Find your Voice

How do you think of yourself?  Do you stand on a foundation of inner authority?  The kind of authority grounded in a deep relationship with your Self and others?  An authority developed over time through contemplation of your own consciousness and your own journey?  Can you experience your thoughts, feelings and perceptions as valid and valuable?  Do you trust your Self?  Do you take responsibility for being the author of your own life?  

All of these questions are part of the journey of excavating your Heroine’s Voice. 

The Heroine’s Voice is the voice of the feminine that rises up from the silences of your own personal life but also from the silences imposed by thousands of years of intentional silencing. 

In Book One of the Odyssey, the loyal and domestic Penelope questions why her unwelcome suitors are being entertained by a bard who sings about the difficulties suffered by the heroes’ efforts to return home from Troy.  She speaks openly in the great hall of Ithaca’s palace.  “Wise” Telemachus, her maturing son, reacts:  “Mother….go back to your quarters and take up your own work, the loom and the distaff….speech will be the business of men, all men and of me most of all, for mine is the power in this household.”  She obeys. Growing into manhood involved taking control of pubic utterance and silencing the female.*

Yes, that was long time ago.  However, this silencing can be traced forward to now, which I will not do here.  What I ask you to do though is to begin to look at your own silences as a woman:

When were you first silenced?   

That voice inside you, the voice of your Heroine, the voice of your Essence is the voice beneath the ‘crippling inner voice’ that tells you your ideas aren’t enough, that your wisdom isn’t enough, that your thoughts aren’t rational and that your voice is shrill.

What’s possible when you reclaim this voice of your heroine?  Everything!  For this is the voice that links you to your Self and to the world. Your Voice is the place where you find yourself “In the world, but not of the world.”  It’s where you bring your spiritual gifts into daily life.

This week a client realized in her session that she has always been ‘called’ to become wise and to share her wisdom.  The ‘Call’ is the first step in the Heroine’s Journey.  She realized that the Call was always there even though she wasn’t aware of it.  Now that we are walking the path together she is becoming aware of the perfection of each step along the way of her Heroine’s Journey and she is bringing out her Heroine’s Voice.

Having a witness who validates your story and legitimizes your voiced human experience as well as your deeply felt Spiritual awareness is essential to unleashing your Heroine’s Voice.

You see, your voice is like a snowflake—there is no other one like it.  

Is 2017 the year you will go deep and bring out your Heroine’s Voice?  If it is, I’m here to walk the path with you and to validate you every step of the way. 
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