Finding Your Voice in Relationship


When women decide to sign up for the Find Your Voice Mentorship Program, it’s a big commitment — a commitment of time, money, resources and Spirit–the spirit to literally transform who you are Being and the willingness to trust that you can!

Many times, even if the initial reason for signing up was not a relationship issue, this area of life inevitably arises because women have been conditioned for a very long time to sacrifice themselves for others. There’s a trance women can be in without realizing it, one that whispers to ‘pipe down’, ‘don’t be needy’, ‘you’re too emotional’, ‘too much’, and an endless stream of other such rules.

Eventually, you realize you aren’t experiencing the freedom and full expression that your Soul longs for and commit to waking up!

Loving someone does not require you losing yourself.

Yet, when one mid life woman began the Find Your Voice program she literally shared with me that she had lost her voice within her marriage. After some consistent deep work she got it back. And now she and her partner are working together to transform their patterns so that the joy and freedom and trust they both want becomes part of their daily experience.

It’s not overreacting to ask for what you need.

Another client I work with has a wonderful marriage but she too is realizing just how conditioned she has been to not ask for what she needs.

These patterns play out in all relationships, of course, but can be more ‘in your face’ in a marriage or intimate relationship.

Ask yourself if you fear speaking up for what you need?

If you lost someone but found yourself, you won.
One of the mentorship participants was finding it very difficult to leave a long term relationship that she knew deep down was not in her highest good. Finally, she did.

The takeaway here is that relationships can be chock full of growth and that as a woman, it’s usually you who initiates the awakening within the relationship, whether that looks like staying or leaving.

If you know your relationship is not working, end it. If it’s meant to be, the ‘ending’ will shift into a new commitment. If it’s not meant to be, you will go your separate ways.

Stop letting who you were talk you out of who you’re becoming.
There is a voice of limitation within all of us. It’s part of the collective ego and it tries very hard to maintain the status quo of your life. Its main purpose is survival, whereas the evolutionary impulse within you is striving for expansion and becoming more fully expressed in the world.

This is the crux of the Find Your Voice work. It’s the work of choosing, in each moment, where you will focus, what you will believe, and who you will BE. It is the work of Consciousness.

In all of the above examples, each person learned how to masterfully create her present moment experience, over and over, how to detach from negative conditioned states of her past, how to imagine her desires as a present fact, and how to observe herself through the eyes of Love.

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