I was speaking to a client last weekend about resistance and change. She wants to start her own business and she was sharing with me that she’s not enjoying her job anymore. She feels like she shrinks herself to fit into her present job.
When you have a houseplant, you plant it in a pot and eventually, the roots get root bound.  You pull the plant out of the pot and you see the white roots like a fabric in the shape of the pot.  They have grown as far as they can in that pot.  They need a bigger pot.
This is how it is for us.  As spiritual beings we want to expand.  Spirit expands.  That’s what it does.  We are spirit.  It’s our responsibility to tend to our own expansion, to pay attention to how and where we want to expand.
One of the ways we know it’s time to get bigger is that we become dissatisfied with what is in our life. Dissatisfaction doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being a grump or that you’re not being present. It can mean you’re being very present!  You can FEEL that something isn’t right anymore.
That’s your spirit sending you a message.  If you pay attention, it will direct you, through the feeling of joy, toward your next manifestation, your next Desire.
So why do we resist? Why do we shrink to fit places we’ve outgrown?

Why do we settle for a relationship that is not what we really want?
Why do we not speak up when others have differing opinions?
Why do you not stand up for your own needs in your marriage?
Why do we hang out in our sad memories rather than shift into our Heart’s Desire?

These questions cover a tiny fraction of a wide range of basic human patterns. We shrink in little ways and big ways. As women, we’ve been conditioned to shrink in specific ways and for a very long time. (This is changing right now in a big way. You can be part of the change but you must choose to be!)
We shrink because the small pot feels safe. It feels comfortable. The job we have feels safe.  The relationship we have feels safe.  The way we relate (or don’t relate) feels safe.  Being single feels safe. Making a certain amount of money feels safe.  The status quo of your particular life as-it-is feels safe. Not playing bigger feels safe. We can avoid the judgment of others that way.
Remember, the two opposing forces within each of us are:

1) The need to stay safe (ego)
2) The need to evolve (Spirit)
Imagination is the Key

“What you feel you are always dominates what you feel you would like to be: therefore, to be realized, the wish (desire) must be felt (imagined) as a state that IS rather than a state that is not. “~Neville Goddard

Take time to really contemplate this statement!

Understanding the power of Imagination is the key to creating a new Consciousness that matches what you Desire in your life.  Imagination is the key to expanding beyond what you have outgrown.

It’s not enough to understand and heal the ‘past’. That in and of itself does not transform your life.  You must also learn the tools and building blocks for rebuilding your Consciousness. If you ‘let go’ of a false belief, you must create a new belief to take its place.

You see, it is your Consciousness that creates your life.

“It is not what you want that you attract; you attract what you believe to be true.”  (Contemplate this statement.)

Your imagination is one of the foundational tools for rebuilding your Consciousness. 

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