Find Your Voice Women’s Club!
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Thank you for your interest in our NEW upcoming membership community: The Find Your Voice Women’s Club! I have wanted to create a place for you to have support for your transformational journey any time of day or night. The Find Your Voice Women’s Club will offer this and so much more!

Club Includes:

  1. Monthly group Find Your Voice facilitation via Zoom.
  2. Monthly Sunday Stillness Retreat
  3. Online ‘office hours’ in our Closed FB group
  4. Access to the 7-Practice Portals in the Find Your Voice Membership Library
  5. Templates for each Portal
  6. Audios to support your work in each Portal
  7. Ongoing new trainings and materials
  8. Bonus Access to 1:1 coaching at Club pricing
  9. A vibrant community of women committed to Finding Their Voice with you!
  10. And so much more!


Past participants have said:

Testimonials from Nancy’s Find Your Voice 1:1 Mentorship Program: 

“I am starting to recognize the unlimited power of the work we are doing. It’s literally alchemy. But it’s like alchemy that would astound even most alchemists! I feel the strength of my voice; I see the sheer beauty of my being, inside and out, and I feel the unlimited worldly and spiritual success coming towards me, that it actually is already in me. My gratitude is almost ineffable!”  

“Nancy has helped me to transform my life, from finding my voice, to shining a light on my subconscious fears and beliefs, to helping me realize and connect to the source of all that I am. To say I am grateful is beyond words. Her gentle, always supportive and illuminating insights makes her a most gifted and wonderful guide for anyone seeking to find and express themselves at their highest being. I cannot recommend her enough.”