It was October 1995 that I saw my first client. She came to my home office in Massachusetts. My teacher and therapist at the time referred her to me. I had protested on the phone that I wasn’t ready. However, my teacher said that I was, so I leaned into her certainty. (Sometimes we have to lean into someone’s certainty when we don’t yet have our own.)

As my first client sat down across from me and we began to speak, the feeling I had was one of knowing—not an intellectual knowing but a knowing from my Spirit that what I was doing right then—-the wisdom I shared in the form of guidance and counseling—resided in my Essence. I had found my dharma–my divine purpose.

Remembering this moment makes me smile all these years later.  My work has evolved greatly since then but the core of it hasn’t.  The core of the work I do is to mentor you to Awaken to your own divine Self or deep Self—your Voice, and to release it into the world. It’s an ever-evolving process because there’s not just one expression, but many different forms that it takes over your lifetime. 

What I know for sure all these years later:

1) You must slow down in order to awaken to your Essence. Slowing down happens in the present moment. This is why the very first Practice Portal in the Find Your Voice Process is Slowing Down. Slowing down means that you go within, that you seek your inner Being until you know it is real.

2) All of life occurs in the present moment. If the past comes up, it comes up in the present moment. This is the place of power. If you worry about the future, your worry occurs in the present moment. 

3) We here to be a self-expression of the Infinite. When you find your Voice, you find your unique expression of the Infinite.   

4) Your false self or conditioned self is made up of many belief patterns created from a sense of fear. We absorb these beliefs very early in life and from society also. The false self has its own neural pathways and takes time to transform. Portal #3 of the Find Your Voice Program is “Letting go of the false self.”

5) I wasn’t always able to stand behind my voice. It’s taken years of work and devotion. My memoir, The Life That Woke Me Up Was My Own tells some of the early parts of my journey when I created a false self and the turning points and choices I made to reawaken my true Self. Women have been silenced intentionally for a few thousand years. We need support to see the blind spot because they seem ‘normal’.

6) I work with women who have a strong Desire to awaken to their deepest Self and to express that Self in the world! Desire is the beginning of all creation. Your heart’s desires are Spirit pressing upon you to express Itself in the phenomenal. Portal #5 of the Find Your Voice Program is “Claiming Your Desires.”

7) The Inner Child is a very powerful paradigm. As you release the false beliefs that hinder the child’s experience of Love, you also bring her back into your heart and become more whole. This is a practice that is infinitely deep.

8) For anything new to be birthed something else must die. You have to be willing to go through this transformative process in order to awaken to your deep Self. You have to be willing to die to the old. Most people find this to be the hardest part of transformation. It is. This is because our beliefs form our identity and to change beliefs we must change our identity. Portal #2 of the Find Your Voice Program is “Cultivating Awareness”. You can’t change anything from the same state of consciousness which created it. 

9) If you can’t think beyond the feeling you are having you are addicted to the feeling. This happens. Stress hormones are highly addictive

10) God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. ~ St. Augustine Contemplate this. This is one of my favorite descriptions of God. You can use the word Universe, All That IS or whatever word works for you to point to the Source from which we came.

11) The evolution of humanity happens one person at a time. You are part of this evolution when you choose to consciously evolve beyond ego.

12) What you feel you are always dominates what you feel you would like to be; therefore, to be realized, your desire must be felt as a state that IS rather than a state that is not. Imagination is the key. Imagination is a metaphysical tool taught in the Find Your Voice Programs.

13) It is human nature to focus on lack, on what has not yet happened, or lack of resources, or lack of anything you desire. When you awaken, you learn the skills to turn this around. Every moment we have a choice about where we focus. I teach many ways to master this choice.

14) You are made up of Light. This Light is Love. Literally.

15) Your Voice—the expression of the Infinite as YOU, is absolutely important for our world at this time.
You matter very much. You must believe this. It’s not arrogant to believe this. It is honoring your true Self, the Divine expressing AS you.

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