The first Practice Portal in the Find Your Voice Program is slowing down. The reason for this is that we live on two planes. We live on the horizontal plane and the vertical plane.

The horizontal plane is our daily life, made up of form, such as schedules, bank accounts, tables and chairs. Most people rush from one thing to another all day long. In fact, being busy is a status symbol. The thought-stream, that incessant chatter always going in your head, is also the horizontal plane.

Slowing down is necessary to begin to tap into the vertical plane of who we are. This goes against the grain of society. This is where you begin to realize your awareness and the power of Awareness.
Here are 10 characteristics of Stillness for you to contemplate. Believe me, getting rooted in your Being, your Presence, through the practice of Stillness is life-changing.

1. Stillness is the practice of stopping the momentum of the ego, which insists that something is wrong or missing in your life.

2. Stillness gives you the opportunity to transform your relationship to thoughts and feelings. Usually we are attached to our thoughts and feelings, or in reaction to them.

3. Stillness is the language God speaks.

4. Stillness is another word for space: It is the formless and timeless dimension within ourselves, beyond thought.

5. Stillness helps you become aware of Awareness itself.

6. Three long deep breaths can begin to bring you into the present moment, which is where Stillness always resides.

7. Stillness is pure intelligence. (Not the IQ kind!)

8. You don’t generate Stillness. It is within you at all times. It is part of your spiritual consciousness. Your job is to let go of all that blocks your experience of it.

9. Cultivating stillness empowers you to have a stronger sense of who you really are and what your Soul’s purpose is on the planet right now.  

10. Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found.

I’ll admit, it can be quite challenging for our human minds to really believe all of these statements. This is why I always say, “Test it out!” Experience it. See what is true for you.

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