Transformation Nancy Swisher

The theme this week with my clients is life transition and the transformation that is possible when we transition consciously.  But why does it take deliberate focus and intention to do this?  Why can’t it be as easy as when the caterpillar becomes the butterfly?

When the caterpillar decides to go inside the chrysalis to transition from its present state to a new state,  its transformation takes place naturally.  It doesn’t have to process!  Nature takes care of everything!  For us, it’s not quite that simple, though there are some similarities.

We have a mind that makes up stuff.  The caterpillar doesn’t!  That stuff we make up blocks the flow of Creative Intelligence from time to time, and sometimes for long periods.  For the caterpillar, the flow is never blocked.

When the caterpillar is inside the chrysalis, it melts.  Literally, it becomes liquid.  This is comparable to our human need to ‘die to who we are’ in order to become the next Self we desire to be.  The specifics involve exploring false beliefs that keep the old self in place.

There are many more ins and outs to making transitions doorways for your transformation, and in my program entitled Transformation Through Transition we delve into those. 

If you feel that transition is occurring for you and you’re not quite sure how to navigate it in order to expand your consciousness of your Self and your world, go ahead a CLICK HERE to schedule a free Skype chat with me.

Here are the stages of transition:

Each stage of transition has a purpose.  You must understand the stages and what they mean and how to live your life within each stage.  The three stages are:

1) Endings  2) The Void  3) New Beginnings
Each of these stages has a spiritual purpose and there are specific tools to navigate each one of these stages.  *** For example, when you are in the ending stage of a transition, you must know how to get the ‘lessons of your old stories and beliefs’ so you can let them go.  
In the void stage, you must know how to manage certain powerful emotions so that you don’t return to the old situation you are trying to let go of.  These emotions are loneliness, powerlessness, and uncertainty. (The caterpillar doesn’t have these emotions!)
In the new beginnings stage, you must understand your true power as a co-creator with the Universe, how to create new beliefs and how to take inspired action, not just any action.  Inspired action requires that we wait for it.  (When the caterpillar melts, there are imaginal cells that hold the blueprint for the formation of the butterfly.)  A big part of this stage is learning how to develop your skills of contemplative imagination!

“Imagination is more important than intellect.”~ Einstein

Transition is one of the most creative and powerful aspects of our life.  It’s also one of the most challenging.  Take a look and see if you are in a transition.  And if you’d like some mentoring for the journey let me know. 

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