The two planes we live on and why we must nurture the vertical plane

I’m in the sixth decade of my life and have been working and walking the transformational path of healing and spirituality for forty of these years. My clients tell me there’s a transmission of knowing and Presence and Love that I’m able to give them during our sessions, which in turn opens up their own access to the depth of their Being.  This makes me very happy!  It feels like my true purpose. 
I had a dream the other night where someone, a mentor or teacher figure, told me that my gift was my Presence.  I had been trying desperately in the dream to figure out how to share about (market) what I do in my business when this voice said, ‘Your gift is your Presence.’
So here’s what I want to share today about Presence and why sometimes as human beings we feel separate from our Presence. 

The two planes we live on and why we must nurture the vertical plane
We live on two planes of existence.  The horizontal plane and the vertical plane.

The horizontal plane is our material, form life, which consists of our to-do lists, our dinner parties, and our responsibilities around family, money, health, and life purpose.  I love the human dimension very much because it is these forms that we express through.  The horizontal plane is where we have our form identity, such as “I’m a teacher” or “I’m female.”  These identities are necessary for navigating our world.
The tricky part is that we become totally identified with our form identity and when this happens the Light of our Being doesn’t come through and we feel separate from all that really matters. 
Using the image of a lamp with a lampshade, when we become identified with our personality, the lampshade, we block the Light of our Being from shining through.
When this happens, we feel like we are going through the motions of life and we react to every little thing that happens. Our collective humanity has been living this way for a long time.  Complete identification with our form identity is what I call ego.  It’s based on fear of lack and tries to control the future.
The good news about this is that as you learn to discern what it is that you are attached to or identified with that blocks your Presence, you can transform your relationship to it. This is the work we call shadow work and a necessary part of the process of becoming awake!

We also exist on the vertical plane. 

The vertical plane is our Being, our non-physical dimension, our Soul, our Spirit, our sense of awe, our feelings of Love, Peace, and Joy.  The vertical dimension is our consciousness, our awareness of All That Is.  It is who we actually are.  The vertical plane is our Presence. 

You’ve heard the expression ‘we are a spiritual Being having a human experience.’ 
It’s true.  But to realize the truth of this expression you must have experiences and learn practices that guide you to deeply understand and know the truth and power of your Spirit—of the vertical plane of you.  Otherwise, they are just empty but clever words.
There are many ways to nurture your vertical plane, such as meditation, yoga, being in nature, and of course practicing awareness.  You can practice these daily.  Many of you do. 
But these daily practices can only go as deep as your realization of them and to deepen your realization, an in-person retreat with others where you practice Stillness with guidance can create a quantum leap in your understanding and realization of who you are as a spiritual Being.
It’s a time where you are away from your ordinary life and the focus is on your inner life and what that means to you personally.  It’s a time when you can see clearly how your conditioned mind blocks your experience of your deeper Self. 

Retreat with me in Oxfordshire, September 19-23

This retreat is called Find Your Voice and Stand Behind It—A Spiritual Retreat for Women. 
Your Voice is the expression of your vertical plane of Being into the horizontal plane of your form life.  Your voice is the expression of your imprisoned splendor, that unique gift that you and only you can express.
I won’t go into the details here cause there’s a link below to click to read that, but if you know that deep in your heart you are ready to step into the next evolution of your Self, if you feel a desire to express something you have not yet expressed, to find a language, a voice, a clearing through which your voice can come to you, then this retreat is for you.
We will sit in stillness and we will transform all that tries to block you from your deepest expression at this point in your life journey.  In other words, we will nurture your realization of the vertical plane, your Being, while also acknowledging the horizontal plane of the human collective ego and work to clear that.
We will address the ways women have been silenced and how we have internalized those silences.
I’m super excited to lead this again this year.  We have some new people coming as well as some who attended last year.  It’s limited to just 12 women.     

CLICK HERE to read the details, including testimonials from last year’s participants, and to register.  As always, email me personally if you need to have any questions answered before you can register.