One of the themes of my book is finding my voice. Here’s the interesting thing—as I wrote the book (which covered an eight-year span)–I wasn’t consciously thinking about this as a theme. I was simply writing. I was following the language of the book. I was listening for the voice that wanted to come through me. I was feeling the language that was true and discarding the rest.

I knew the places and events in my life that were pivotal for the book, though I wasn’t sure why and how they were significant until I wrote.

The power of language is the power to show us who we are.

When we are young, and throughout life, we take on other people’s language. What I mean by language is their beliefs, their certainties, their truths, their rules, their perceptions of us.

All of these things: beliefs, certainties, truths, rules, perceptions projected upon us—are created via language. We absorb this language; we are then, in a sense, limited by it.

When you contemplate your life journey, and I hope you are doing this, you will find that those places where you suffered most are the same places where you felt like you had no voice, no language of your own.

You might be thinking right now: but language is all the same; we either speak English or some other language.

I’m not talking about the literal language.

I’m talking about the Consciousness behind the language.

When we are inundated with dominant cultural narratives we become limited by those narratives unless we wake up to our own relationship to language, which is the relationship between our Consciousness and those words that convey it.

What is your Consciousness? It is who you are. And you can’t know this intellectually. You can only be aware of it.

When you become aware of this, a language unique to you is born which expresses your You.

And this is the language I want to celebrate with you.

Recently at the U.S. Presidential Inauguration, a young poet named Amanda Gorman became an overnight sensation because of the power of her language. Mostly, it was this phrase that struck people:

“There is always light if only we are brave enough to see it, if only we are brave enough to be it.”

People recognized a truth in these words. They recognized a calling also. And they recognized that this young woman embodied the truth of the words she was speaking. In other words, she was living the Consciousness behind her words.

You may not feel as though you have found your language yet, but as you become Still, as you go through the process of letting go of your conditioned mind, as you contemplate the vertical plane of your Being–your Essence, your Spirit— and allow the Universe to express through you, a new language arises. It is filled with your Wisdom. Your Light is within you and it does take courage to see it and claim it.

Everyone’s voice matters. Everyone’s Light matters. That includes you.

There will be a feeling of reverence when you tap into your language: a reverence for life, and for the imprisoned splendor that awaits you to provide the expression for it.

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