hiding nancy swisher

The hiding I’m referring to is hiding from your Self.  Hiding from your Light.  Everyone has a calling in life.  Many times, we hide from our calling because it seems impossible to achieve in this world. 
When you’re hiding, you’re safe because people can’t see you or judge you.  But, funny thing about hiding is that when you hide from the world, you are also hiding from yourself.

Hiding is a conditioned response to life.  We hide what is not acceptable in our families or in our portion of society.  We hide what we are ashamed of and also what we most love about our Self, fearing ridicule, judgment, rejection, or even physical harm.  In other words, we conform.

Conformity and hiding are strategies to stay safe.  They are conditioned by the past.  Perhaps you were told that your enthusiasm and dreams as a child were silly and to stop talking.  You may think that a comment such as this couldn’t impact your sense of self, but it can and it does.   
Everyone conforms until you realize that conforming smothers your soul’s expression.  At that point, you have a choice.  Some people continue to conform because they are too afraid not to.  They may fear losing their success, or their relationship, or the approval of family and friends.

Others choose to wake up to their inner Light, to their Imprisoned Splendor, to the Call and discover how to release it no matter what the seeming loss may be.  This is a choice point that alters the direction of your life forever!
The orange Daylilies refuse to hide! 
I have daylilies on every side of my house.  They are so beautiful.  I was contemplating them this morning.  They have released their imprisoned splendor!  For the lilies, Nature takes care of the release.

For humans, we must consciously choose to do the work to unblock what is blocking the release of our imprisoned splendor.  It’s our responsibility.  It’s how we evolve.
How do you hide?  How do you block the release of your splendor?
Do you block it with habits such as caretaking others rather than tending to your Holy Self?  Do you block it by thinking you have nothing special to offer this world?  Do you block it by doubting your own genius?  Do you block it by staying in your comfort zone all the while feeling you aren’t living true to yourself?
These questions aren’t meant to cause self-judgment or guilt.  Everyone has conditioning that attempts to maintain the status quo.  But until you get clear about how this conditioning operates in your own life, you can’t move beyond it. 

I knew the feeling of my imprisoned splendor at age five!
I realized during my online book reading last week that when I read, when I paint, when I write and when I facilitate a client’s journey of transformation and healing, that the bottom line of all of it for me is the experience of releasing my imprisoned splendor and in turn supporting others to do the same.  One of the sections of the book I read was about knowing at age five that I was a Being of consciousness.  It is this knowing that allows you to line up with your splendor, with your truth and Light.
The Solstice time of year is a powerful time to grow.

I’ve shared these programs that I offer with you before over the past few months and I want to offer them again now.  The summer is an incredible time to grow your Self, to transform and to take a quantum leap in consciousness.  The earth energy now is powerful. 
Each of these programs guides you to heal your consciousness, transform your conditioned mind (the past) and to release your imprisoned splendor—Your voice, your Light, your purpose, your Love. 
If you are on fire with finding your voice, check out #1. If you need to learn the depth of self-love and how to more fully express yourself, check out #2.  If you are a woman in transition, check out #3. 

1. Find Your Voice, Stand Behind It, Love the World
2. Self Love, Self Expression and Life Purpose
3. Transformation through Transition

Though these programs each have a unique focus, the process in each is the same in that we move through the essential steps required to unleash your imprisoned splendor and bring your unique expression to the world.  Your life experience and your personal intention set the stage for your journey.   

Review the program you are interested in then CLICK HERE to schedule a free Skype chat with me so we can explore working together.  I can help you release your inner splendor.  It’s time.  Plus there’s a special Solstice discount in place!

Happy Solstice Everyone!