sunset, grateful

I’m still in England, yet working as I usually do, which is the beauty of having an online business!  I’m very grateful for this!

Notes from the Inner Bonding weekend:

The most common feedback from the Inner Bonding workshop is:
“I now understand that I am responsible for my feelings.  No one else is!”

Realizing this is actually quite a radical thing. Generally, we humans tend to blame another person, a situation or something outside of our self.  Yes, there are things outside.  But we are the ones who create the story about it and it is the story or thoughts that in turn cause our feelings.  I describe this in this passage of my book:


The root of the word ‘heal’ is the same as the root of the word ‘whole’. When most people think of healing, they think that there is something to be fixed within them. There is nothing to fix, only a true perspective of Self to find, only wholeness of Self to feel. Believing untrue things about oneself causes all of the emotional pain we typically seek to remedy. Healing is the process of becoming conscious of these unconscious beliefs and the painful feelings they cause. Thought precedes feeling. Most of the time, people are not conscious of the thoughts that cause their feelings, but slip into the feeling unconsciously. I liken thoughts to slippery fish. Until we catch them, grab hold of one, examine it and ultimately choose it or not, we are not living a conscious life.

Congratulations to all of you who have had this realization and who are now using the Inner Bonding process to learn to love yourself on a deeper level than ever before.

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Notes from the Find Your Voice Spiritual Retreat for Women:

I have led retreats since 2004 but this one was indeed a breakthrough experience for me as well as for all the women attending.  Retreats are just that—a chance to retreat from the normal day-to-day routines of our lives and to go within to the Essence of your Being.

The Find Your Voice retreat was focused on just that.  But the voice I refer to is not the one you might conjure up when you first think about it.  The voice we brought forth was the voice of Essence and the voice of the feminine.  We did this through practicing Stillness, Writing, Healing and Dialoguing in our circle of shared experience.  I’m still finding the words to describe this retreat.  But let me share a few of the words the participants shared with me:

* Incredible, paradigm-shifting, writing retreat with Nancy Swisher and some amazing women this weekend. I had no idea what was in store. My heart is now bursting!

* This retreat reaffirmed for me that connection to the divine spirit transcends all differences.  Please continue this great work and access to the divine.

* There was an amazing power in sharing our inner voices, being witnessed, heard, and seen.

* Thank you for an amazing opportunity to meet strong, powerful, emerging women—representatives of the manifestation of the Divine Feminine consciousness.  I had no idea that my Voice and words would ever convey such awesome power. 

As you can feel from these words, there was a deep power and Presence available there.  The coming together of eight women plus myself for the purpose of Finding Your Voice and Standing Behind It created a powerful alchemy I’m still working to articulate.  I’ll leave it at this for now.

I’ll be scheduling my next in person Find Your Voice retreat soon and will keep you informed. 

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My commitment is to provide structures for you that will support YOU to go deep, to bring forth your wisdom, Voice, spirit and gifts for our world, which so needs the heart of the feminine soul right now.