Does something within obscure your light nancy swisher


In my work, I teach from Presence. I attempt to shine the Light that I am so that my clients can see how they are obscuring their own Light, their own Truth and Wisdom and fully shine their own Light.

You see, there’s an equal amount of truth in everyone.  All that differs is the degree to which it is obscured.

As we pass through this eclipse, it is a powerful time to observe your own relationship to your inner Wisdom, to your Presence and to how you may obscure this Presence.

The key to stop blocking your Light is to ask yourself if you are committed to letting go of how you do that.  Are you willing to let go of habits of mind and body, such as busyness and constant seeking?  Are you willing to let go of old self-concepts based on other people’s perceptions of you that form patterns of resistance such as self-doubt and perfectionism?

The fears of our Inner Child, when we do not embrace them with compassion, can obscure our Light.

Letting go of what obscures your Light requires your conscious choice, in the moment, to look and see if you are trapped in some limiting belief or thought pattern that obscures your deeper truth.  And then choosing to let this go. 

Letting go also requires that your have a felt sense of your own Presence, which you cultivate by slowing down and becoming Still.  Otherwise, there is no contrast, and it’s this contrast between the Light and what blocks it that fuels your desire for transformation.

Do you feel a longing to live from a deeper Truth?  Does it scare you to admit this longing?  Do you think you’ll have to give up your worldly role?

Many people I work with fear that they will have to give up their worldly roles if they live from a more deeply spiritual center within themselves. Believe me, it’s just the opposite.  Your so-called worldly role becomes more real, more filled with your Essence. 

You become less obscured by old personas adopted earlier in life.

You shine.

You experience more joy. 

You uplift others.

On the day of the eclipse take time to go within.  Feel the Presence of your Light.  Feel your Heart. Let yourself BE. 

Then look and see what pattern you now hold that obscures your LIght.  Make the commitment to let it go.

Our world needs your Light.

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