Loney Nancy Swisher


You may not be fully conscious of the connection between feeling lonely and expressing your creativity, but there is a very big connection between these two things. 
Many of my clients, who are highly creative and pushing the envelop of their next evolution come up against loneliness a lot of the time. Recently, a client almost withdrew her commitment from a project that meant very much to her because the loneliness was overwhelming.  She just didn’t want to feel it and, as all of us humans tend to think, if we just change the circumstances the feeling will go away.
Of course that doesn’t work, not in the long run.
Here are 3 tips to remember when you are creatively stuck and realize you are also lonely: 

  1. Your ability to BE WITH the feeling of loneliness is essential to your empowerment as a woman. Feeling lonely doesn’t mean there is something wrong. You must slow down first in order to become conscious of the feeling.
  2. Develop a spiritual practice so you become familiar with the Presence within you. This is essential for understanding who you really are beyond your feelings. Your Presence is your lifeline, the source of your imprisoned splendor, which you are here to express. This connection gives you the power to be with your loneliness.
  3. Embrace the child within you. She more than likely (because it’s part of our human experience) had moments of overwhelming loneliness. Learn how to dialogue with her about that. Loneliness is too much to be with when we are little so we dissociate from the feeling. This is why as adults it can feel like ‘too much’. When you consciously embrace the Child, you learn to feel lonely without getting derailed by it.

Mastering these essential practices regarding loneliness and its impact on your creativity will free your Voice, that deepest expression of your Soul and you will also will develop the courage to stand behind it, which can feel lonely at times!  By the way, my client moved through her loneliness and is now on fire with bringing forth her projects—her imprisoned splendor in the form of her heart-based business and writing.
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