Do You Nurture the Seeds in your Heart?

When I lived at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health from 1985-1989, my only day off was Sunday afternoon. How did I spend that only time off?

I wrote.  
I completed a book by the time I moved out. A famous New York agent took it on and about ten large well-known publishing houses read it. They said it was a great book but that they didn’t know how they would market it. At that time, the genre of creative nonfiction (which is what I write) was not in the mainstream as it is now. My agent told me to ‘let it go’ and start my next book.
That book was a flower from a seed in my heart. Of course, so is my newest book, which I did publish. And so is this email — a little flower from a seed in my heart.
Since I was a little girl, I’ve known my heart was alive with Spirit and I’ve known that it mattered more than anything else. Yet, how was I to live in this world and keep my heart alive and protected and nurtured so its seeds could sprout, grow and flower?
That’s been my quest. I’ve not totally figured it out because I truly don’t think we ever do ‘figure out’ life. Life is a mystery and we evolve in consciousness throughout our life (or not).
But. . . . we can master some things, which are really important for creating a life of meaning, joy, and purpose.
One of these is to deeply understand who you really are—to realize that you are a Being of Consciousness.
A key to realizing this is to honor your own Heart: it’s messages, guidance, and seeds of Desire.
Questions to contemplate the seeds in your Heart:
1. How do you know that they are there?
     What do you really believe about this?
2. How do you nurture them?
     Do you practice listening to your Heart?
3. How do you believe in them?
     Do you write out your Desires? (Desires are seeds!)
4. What keeps you from believing in them?
     Do you look into your past to prove yourself wrong?
5. What keeps you from nurturing them?
     Do you stay busy all day long?
6. What seeds have you nurtured to fruition?
     List your joys and creations so far in life!
7. What seeds have you nurtured partially and then let die?
     Abandoned projects?
8. What do you nurture instead of your own heart seeds?
     Do you nurture other people’s dreams instead of yours?
As we approach a brand new year, think about the seeds in your Heart. Which ones are you absolutely committed to finally nurturing and bringing to fruition?
The 5th Portal in the Find Your Voice Program is “Listening to Your Heart’s Desires”. There are real ways to do this and powerful practices to learn.
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