It is inevitable that each of us has a longing to live more fully. We are alive. We grow. We expand and our Spirit urges us onward and upward.

The question is: Are you listening? Or do you suppress these desires for growth and expansion by ignoring them or listening instead to the voice of negation in your head that says ‘no way–you can’t have that or be that.’

When we suppress our heart’s desires they have no constructive outlet and often turn into self-criticism and other destructive tendencies.

The depth psychologist, Ira Progoff, who I spent a weekend with in the 80’s studying his journal writing methods, believed that all neurosis (or let’s say feelings of discontent) are due to suppressed creative expression. He wasn’t referring to artistic expression only, but to all forms of expression of the deep Self.

The spiritual teacher Dr. Emilie Cady once wrote: “Desire is God/Spirit tapping at the door of your heart, trying to give you greater good/expression.”

There’s a reason my programs are called Find Your Voice and Stand Behind It. For you to stand behind your voice, you must Claim Your Heart’s Desires.

Claim is the key word here. Many people are aware of their heart’s desires but don’t do the work to claim them. 

This is what takes courage. It takes courage because you have to let go of who you have been–of the old self-concepts.

You have to be prepared to give up what you do not want in life and to accept what you do want. This is where so many get caught up and where the Find Your Voice Programs support you to get unstuck.

One Key Practice for Claiming Your Heart’s Desire

One of the key practices of Claiming Your Heart’s Desires is writing them down.

It seems so simple but writing down your desires and reading them aloud causes you to believe more in them. There are Universal Laws in play with this practice.

A good way to begin — a way to word it is to say:

“I see myself. . . .” and write out your desire.

For instance, I see myself with a magnificently healthy body in perfect order, where every cell is in the image of the perfect pattern, and I am whole and complete.

The key is to put it into your own words, words that reflect your highest vision and evoke the greatest feelings of joy.

Do not think about the ‘how’ of it.

Simply speak your desires with great enthusiasm and belief. Deepen your belief every day. Read it with power and strength. Read it with great happiness. Read each word with feeling and lovingly contemplate the scenes that come to your mind. Take as long as necessary to establish, register, and impress your deeper-than-conscious level of mind.

This is the whole point—to impress your subconscious mind—so you can’t rush through it and have it be effective.

Begin with one desire. Maybe it’s a new job.

“I see myself. . . . .”  Write out the most exciting scenario you can imagine for your new job.

Include speaking your desires as part of your daily practices.

Let me know how it goes! And let me know your questions as well. You can hop on over to our free Community where we’ll be talking about this practice real soon.