choose to grow nancy swisher


Fall is a time for inner growth.  Ever since my ‘back to school’ days, September gets my juices flowing.  Do you feel that nudge to go within as well?

Choosing to grow is different than just growing. Everyone grows simply by being alive.  But not everyone chooses to consciously grow.  The second way is the way of awareness.  When we grow in awareness, we allow our true purpose to manifest and the joy of our Spirit to fill our days, weeks, and years.

I have three live events coming up—two in person and one online. Each offers a unique opportunity for both personal and spiritual growth.   
First up:
ONLINE:  The Life That Wakes You Up Is Your Own: A book study course. Starts Sept 19th
First time offering!  This is a great opportunity to explore your own life as a heroic journey.  Using the wisdom and stories from my book, you can reflect upon your own life to see your ‘road of trials’ as the opportunity for awakening to your biggest gifts. CLICK HERE to read more.  Limited to 8 participants to provide in depth discussion.

(I travel to England in October and will be offering in person events there!)

LONDON:  The Inner Bonding Weekend Workshop– Oct. 28-29
This is a live event with me and twenty-five others from England and Europe. To the degree that you are not conscious of your conditioned mind, it has power over your life and prevents you from living and manifesting your fullest potential.  The Inner Bonding process is the most powerful tool there is for healing your conditioned mind and loving your Inner Child. CLICK HERE to read more and register. 
Just 11 spots left! 


OXFORD:  Find Your Voice Spiritual Retreat for Women–Nov. 2-5.
Living from your Being is a rare thing in our world.  The fast pace of getting things done and the status of producing more and more eclipses the vertical plane of Being for most people.  This retreat gives you the opportunity to feel your own Being more deeply than ever before and to bring forth and stand behind the voice of your Spirit.  CLICK HERE to read more and to register.   Just 5 spots left!

Join me and together we will create many beautiful moments!

Love and blessings,