Self Love Nancy Swisher

Since I began to work with clients in 1995, the core issue, no matter what result my client desired to achieve, has been a lack of self-love.

Self-love is a paradox though. In the highest reality, we are Beings of Love. This is who we are in Essence. So if this is who we are, why do we need to learn ‘how to’ love our Self?

Here are 19 characteristics of Self Love if Self Love were a person.  Are you that person?

1. Self-love brings her total awareness to the present moment of her life. And when she does not do this, she shifts into a learning mode to discover what she is making more important than the present moment.  She knows that she must SLOW DOWN in order to embrace all that arises in the present moment.  

2. Self-love takes time to breathe, to the point of actually appreciating her breath, feeling the intimacy between her body and her spirit made manifest by the breath.  She knows that breath awareness is part of being present.  

3.  Self-love forgives. She learns how to forgive in a way that feels aligned with her Soul. She forgives herself and others.  

4.  Self-love learns to recognize the story playing in her head.  She feels the impact of the story and inquires about its truth.   

5.  Self-love reaches out for support when she needs to.  She understands that reaching out is a sign of strength.  

6.  Self-love follows her Bliss.  Self-love learns to make this real. Self-love acts upon what brings her joy, even if it means going against the opinions of others.  

7.  Self-love listens to her Soul. She brings forth those words into the material plane, forming a relationship to her own wisdom and taking responsibility for it.  

8.  She releases fear of judgment. She releases self-judgment, and thus judgment of others.  She is free to express herself because she doesn’t fear other’s judgment of her.  

9.  Self-love cherishes and honors all aspects of her body. She eats to support her organs and systems; she learns about herbs and natural healing; she stretches her muscles and monitors the vibration of her energy level.  She rejects society’s standards for the female body.  

10.  Self-love knows that the body is a manifestation of her consciousness, so when her body has pain or a disturbance, she looks to the place in her consciousness that hides in the dark.  

11.  Self-love invests in learning to love herself with the same excitement that she invests in a vacation or a new home.  

12.  Self-love realizes that her very core is Love, that she is a Being of Light.  Self-love makes this real in her daily life by practicing Stillness.  

13.  Self-love reads books that resonate with her own knowing of Spirit.  She doesn’t adopt others words, but allows them to support her alignment with her own words.  

14.  Self-love devotes time to mastering energy release techniques so that she can easily pivot away from her programmed mind as quickly as possible.  She also understands there may be wisdom to learn within the lower vibrations of memory and story as she works to rise above them.  

15.  Self-love expresses her Soul’s purpose and takes the time to discover that purpose as it evolves throughout her life.  

16.  Self-love practices contemplation, for without contemplation she cannot know who she is.  

17.  Self-love studies Universal Laws: the Law of Consciousness; The Law of Cause and Effect; The Law of Thinking.  She observes these laws at work in her everyday life.  

18.  Self-love connects to the Oneness of Nature, knowing that she and the dragonfly are One, that she and the tree are One, that she and the mountain lion are One.  

19. Finally, Self-love knows she is responsible to discern what is loving to her, that no one else can tell her that, that only God, Divine Mother, the Infinite Field, and Great Spirit, as they flow through her can guide her to the next moment of enlightenment, where Love and Love meet, and all is well. 

Self-love is a practice, a way of life.  These 19 characteristics are the tip of the iceberg in a sense.  When you apply them to your individual life, self-love becomes as nuanced as a work of art.  Your life is a work of art if you treat it that way. 

Self-love is the foundation for anything you want to create and any Self you long to BE.  

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