Stories Nancy Swisher

If you’ve read my book, you know that one of the themes is that our ‘stories’ get created early in life and until we unravel them—i.e. understand that they are stories and that they are not True—life will reflect back to us the false beliefs our story contains.

On the other hand, our stories contain our wisdom.  This is only true when we have the courage to feel the pain of the wound that holds the story in place.

Wound?  Yes.  No one escapes being wounded.  Yet it is instinctual to avoid feeling the wound because who wants to do that.  “Just give me a technique to skirt about those feelings please!”

When we are IN the story of our wounded self or conditioned mind, we can’t figure out how to get our needs met.  Society tells us that we can meet our needs by finding the right ‘thing’ or ‘person’ or by changing our circumstances—the right partner, the right body, the right diet, the right teacher, the right location.

The truth is we can only change our outer world by changing our inner world.

Your experience reflects your consciousness.  Source energy flows through you—your consciousness—which forms the matrix for how this energy outpictures in your life. 

Your story, whether conscious or not, forms part of the matrix or template through which Source energy flows.  If your story is ‘no one is there for me’ you will find yourself responding to life as a person who believes ‘no one is there for me.’

What story robs you of your wholeness?  Is it a story of ‘no one loves me’, or ‘who do you think you are?’ or ‘I don’t know enough yet’ or ‘there’s something wrong with me’?
More than likely the story that robs you of your wholeness has not yet been fully examined by you.  It’s still unconscious.  Until we bring conscious awareness to every misperception we carry around, nothing transforms.
It is your destiny to be whole, to live your highest potential, to serve and to give your Light to the world.  When the subconscious story is still in place, you will feel thwarted, unexpressed, and perhaps resentful.  Yet it’s your responsibility to transform what needs to transform so that you can be free and in the driver’s seat of your life, directing Spirit as you wish.
This week, I’ve had the honor of providing Presence and deep listening for some amazingly enlightened women so that they could find the key false belief that’s been limiting their full expression in both personal and professional arenas.  When we can bring those subconscious limitations to awareness, our full Voice is able to come through.

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