voices of Democracy Nancy Swisher

Now is always new
The sky was pink first thing this morning. There’s a cedar tree across the street that reflects the first light each day.  As we approach spring, the tint of orange and pink and yellow gets brighter on the cedar.  Some mornings it glows and astonishes me into thinking ‘There’s something new across the street’! Then my mind kicks in, ‘It’s just the cedar tree,” I say.

But actually, it IS new.  Now is always new. 
Each moment is new when we are present to it. 
What if rather than logging on to the Internet to see ‘what’s new’, you decide to get really present in this moment with your body, breath, feelings, and Spirit — then look around your own personal environment to see what’s new?

What if ‘what’s new’ isn’t what the actors said at the Golden Globes but what the voice of your soul wants you to hear right now?  What if what’s new isn’t the unopened emails, but something not yet discovered within you, something which needs space and time to make itself known?

Who you are is consciousness. 
Your consciousness contains just as much Light as mine or anyone.  But until you realize this, you will continue to look outside yourself rather than inside yourself for the truth, inspiration and love that you long for. 
Democracy needs all of our voices, not just those of the famous. The voice I refer to is the voice of your soul.  What does it long to say?  What does it long to make real? 
Not everyone who begins a heroic or transformational journey completes the last passage.   The last passage is when you bring forth your highest potential and soul gift into the world.
Most give up.  Or more accurately, get distracted.  There are many distractions and one of the biggest is the immense amount of information on the Internet that lures you away from your own unique internal loving wise outrageous important gift. 

You’ve learned to project your Light onto others rather than owning your Light.  Don’t get me wrong.  Others inspire me.  But a long time ago I realized that to bring forth my voice and message and truth I had to stop listening outside and only listen inside.

If you have spent years on the transformational path, walking through your ‘road of trials’ and finding allies along the way and yet have not manifested the fullness and brilliance of what you know you came here to BE, I invite you to look at my Find Your Voice program and if it calls to you CLICK HERE to schedule your free Skype Chat with me to find out more.