nancy swisher wisdom find your voice

When I teach about finding your voice, I’m not referring to some static ‘thing’ that you find and then have.  Your voice is alive; it’s the place where language and spirit meet.  It’s the place where your unique life journey expresses in your own way the wisdom and truth you have access to right now.

No one else can give you that truth.  No psychic, no guru, no workshop, no book.  Yet there are external voices that can support you to tune in to your own voice.  Many of the loudest voices on our planet come from an ego place of needing attention and fame.  I have found that the wisest and more profound voices and books are often somewhat quiet. 

Once you reach the point in your growth where you know your own inner connection is the source of the wisdom you need,  you must nurture that connection daily. 

I describe this to my clients as “Dipping the cloth in the dye.”

Imagine that the cloth is your own consciousness and the dye is God or the Universal Intelligence that creates all things.  Let’s also say the dye is red.  Your practice is to dip the cloth in the dye.  It must be a practice because in our world most things run counter to developing a spiritual consciousness. 

Perhaps you dip your cloth by mediating each day on the Presence of god within you.  Or you write in your spiritual journal.  You may do yoga.  You may read and contemplate a spiritual or metaphysical book.  The common denominator is that you turn your attention inward to the connection between your physical human self and the reality of your eternal Being.  This is what dipping the cloth looks like.

Eventually, your cloth becomes red!  But not without practice!

One the most powerful practices I know of is Stillness.  Fifteen minutes of pure stillness without any sound recording or any process or any external directive whatsoever.  Just you and You.

Stillness is a powerful practice that eventually opens you to your deepest Voice.
One of the techniques I’ve used for years to access my voice is to go into stillness for at least 15 minutes.  Then, with my journal ready when I open my eyes, simply ask:
“What does my intuition want to say to me right now?”
Then write what comes.  Let the voice come from your heart, not your head.
If you want guidance about a choice you have to make or the next step in a creative project, this is a powerful tool to use.

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