Every woman I know has experienced being silenced. 

Usually, it happens early, and more than once.  The silencing is both personal and cultural.

These experiences lead you to conclude that your voice and your wisdom are crazy, not important, illogical, or unnecessary. 

You decide, both consciously and unconsciously, to conform to other’s views of who you are in order to make your way in the world. 

You learn to hedge, keep your voice private, and to doubt its value altogether. 

It’s not that you don’t speak.  You do.  It’s that the voice you speak is the voice society wants you to speak. 

It’s not the deepest, most true, most alive, most Light-filled voice of your feminine Soul.

The world needs your Voice, your Light,
and your feminine Wisdom.

A sneak peak at what's in the Find Your Voice Women's Club!


  • Monthly FYV teachings
  • Community
  • Mini-facilitations
  • Recordings
  • Request topics

Wisdom Library

  • Classics on Self-Love
  • Spiritual Forgiveness
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Transformational writing.
  • PDF + recordings

Practice Portals

  • Our main learning hub
  • FYV Assessment Tool
  • Practices for each Portal
  • Upward Spiral of Awakening

Stillness Retreats

  • Monthly
  • Community gathering
  • Meditation
  • Writing
  • Deepening Your Practice


  • Women supporting women
  • Healing silences together
  • Affirming our Voices
  • New connections
  • Deepening relationships

Office Hours!

  • Monthly
  • Nancy in ‘her office’ on our private FB group
  • Questions and connection

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Testimonials from Nancy’s
Find Your Voice 1:1 Mentorship Program:

“I am starting to recognize the unlimited power of the work we are doing. It’s literally alchemy. But it’s like alchemy that would astound even most alchemists! I feel the strength of my voice; I see the sheer beauty of my being, inside and out, and I feel the unlimited worldly and spiritual success coming towards me, that it actually is already in me. My gratitude is almost ineffable!”  

“Nancy has helped me to transform my life, from finding my voice, to shining a light on my subconscious fears and beliefs, to helping me realize and connect to the source of all that I am. To say I am grateful is beyond words. Her gentle, always supportive and illuminating insights makes her a most gifted and wonderful guide for anyone seeking to find and express themselves at their highest being. I cannot recommend her enough.”  

I look forward to meeting you inside the Club!

Nancy Swisher, MA, MFA is Transformational Coach and Spiritual Mentor and the author of The Life That Woke Me Up Was My Own: A Memoir.  She has been supporting women to heal, transform, and evolve in consciousness for over 20 years.  She teaches her Find Your Voice and Stand Behind It Retreat in Oxford, England and at Kripalu Center in western Massachusetts. When she isn’t working within her business, she paints, studies, contemplates, and has soulful conversations with friends.

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