Hide Voice Nancy Swisher

“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.” – Melinda Gates

How does the title of this article strike you? Do you think, ‘I don’t hide behind any voice!’  Are you curious about what I’m getting at?  Does it ring a bell?

The topic of ‘whose voice do I hide behind’ every person needs to examine.  Your voice is the conduit of your most authentic self.  Your voice creates your life.  Here are the levels of voice we all carry with us:

  • The voice of your conditioned mind
  • The voice of your Essence
  • The voice of the culture

The voice of your conditioned mind, your programming, is what is many times called ‘the voice in the head’.  Much of our life can be driven by this voice when we are not aware of its presence and when do not chose to go deeper to where the voice of Essence resides.  The voice of your conditioned mind says things like:  “Work harder”, “Who do you think you are”, “Settle down”, “Don’t be so sensitive”, or “I’m not strong enough”.  It’s a debilitating voice.  It got created for survival in the world.

You hide behind this voice when you don’t consciously choose it, when you give in to the trance of it.

The voice of your Essence you recognize because when you speak or write from this voice you feel alive, authentic and turned on.  You feel tapped in to the creative flow of the universe through you.  You feel aligned with this flow and like you are living on purpose.  This voice must be recovered.  This voice must be reconnected with because it always, always, gets buried beneath the conditioned voice.  This voice is your spiritual wisdom.

You don’t hide when you use this voice!  It’s the real you!  It’s the voice you long for, the one you came her to express.

The voice of the culture isn’t often talked about as a voice you hide behind but it is absolutely a voice you can hide behind.  You hide behind the voice of the culture when you get lost in the latest book-fad, when you spend time on You Tube listening to others, when you use others words instead of your own to describe what you think and believe.  You hide behind the voice of the culture when you join groups that have their own language.  You hide behind the voice of the culture when you think others wisdom is more real than your own wisdom.  You do this because you have not yet found the voice of your Essence.

You hide behind the voice of the culture when you let the intellectual truths of the dominant culture cover over your own deep truths.

In my program, Find Your Voice, Stand Behind It, Change the World, the goal is to connect deeply to the voice of your Essence, and then to stand behind it, which is the hardest part.  I love this program and those people who have done it or are in it now are really opening up in beautiful ways. 

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