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Since I was young, all I’ve wanted was to live my purpose.  I didn’t know this is what I wanted but I for sure knew what I didn’t want!  When I was just eleven, I remember lying on my bed on a summer afternoon and saying to myself, “I’d rather be dead than work a job that has no meaning!”

A bit extreme, for sure, but it was one of those moments my soul was speaking to me and it is something I have lived by.  I share this because our soul speaks to us.  But we must listen.  This is the crux of Self Love.  
As you start 2017…
Have you asked yourself what your intentions and aspirations for this year are?  Have you looked closely and made a commitment to something specific?  Is your intention to continue to grow spiritually and to heal but you aren’t sure where or how to focus?  Have you listened to your soul?  Do you know how to do that?
I can spiritually mentor and coach you through this process
My work is not about giving you more information.  It is about listening to you so deeply that you hear yourself in a whole new way.  Yes, I have decades of experience and am masterful with lots of processes.  I offer those as well when they might support your process. But what I offer primarily is my field of consciousness.  That is my gift.  I can listen to you with extremely deep love, compassion and wisdom to guide you to see your blind spots as well as your gifts.  I help you to heal the deepest wounds and to release your imprisoned splendor-–the gifts you came to this planet to give.
From a client:  “Since intensifying my practice and work with you a miracle has occurred and that was a transformation of my perspective from victim (of what was happening around me) to ‘advocate’; from suppression of my truth to finding my voice; from resignation to co-creator of my experience… A massive shift!”  ~ I. S.
One of my more popular programs is Self-Love, Self-Expression, and Life Purpose.  In this program I will help you:

  • Discover parts of your Self that feel unloved and alone in order to bring the fullness of your Essence into your daily life.
  • Focus on your voice by exploring how have you censored yourself and what scares you into silence so that your creative impulses come alive authentically.
  • Consider and identify a deeper purpose to your life so that you experience the bliss of manifesting your genius.
  • You will learn the practice of listening to your soul.

If you are ready for a quantum shift in self-love, self-expression and to claim your life’s purpose click the button below to schedule a FREE 45 minute Skype call with me where we will determine together if the program is right for you.  CLICK HERE to schedule.