Find Your Voice. Stand Behind It. Change the World.

*** 3-month Transformational Individual Online Intensive ***

Here’s how to know if this program is for you: 

Read through the points below; if they speak to you, then we should connect. 

  • You were told as a child that “You’re too sensitive and you think too much” and now want to honor your wisdom and sensitivity.
  • You know you have a purpose bigger than what you have lived so far, but you either don’t know how to access it or haven’t had the right support.
  • You feel the silences you have lived with for years and are ready to go beyond them, to come out of hiding and listen deeply to what your Soul needs to express.
  • You want to live your highest potential, not just a surface life.
  • You are a feminist and are committed to bringing forth the energy of the Divine Feminine because you see how desperately the world needs this.
  • You want to feel the empowerment that is your birthright. You see it in other women but have not yet stepped into it for yourself.
  • You long for a closer relationship to God/Spirit/The Divine and to realize the truth of your own divinity.
  • You are a writer with a message who needs support to find the Voice of your book.
  • You’ve led a successful life and had a career of your making. Now you are committed to bringing forth the Wisdom of your heart, the deep Feminine Voice the world needs. Your decades of life have given you great wisdom and you want it share it for future generations.

Can you find yourself in any of these statements?

Next, ask yourself this question:  Am I committed to living my highest potential? If the answer is ‘yes’, then keep reading, because this program only works if you are 100% committed to manifesting your Soul’s Purpose, which is sourced by Finding Your Voice.

The Program:

Module 1:  Find Your Voice

Your Voice is the expression of your deepest desire. Desire is the outward impulse of your ever-evolving Soul. Your voice is the Essence of your Soul. Your voice is the expression of why you are here on Earth; it is the expression of your wisdom. The more you stay silenced, the more you feel inauthentic and less than. To find your voice you must practice coming out of the trance of your conditioned mind that shuts down your Divine nature.

  • Mining for content: Meditate, Listen, and Write
  • Discover the message your Soul is here to express
  • Reconnect to past experiences of Joy before you became silent
  • Begin to map out your unique Heroine’s Journey

Module 2:  Stand Behind Your Voice

It is easy to keep one’s voice private and hidden. But we are here to express and serve, and that can’t happen when we hide. It is the conditioned, scared mind that causes the hiding. Standing behind your voice means you speak up and put forth in some form the Essence of your purpose so others receive it. Thus, much of this module focuses on discerning these old fears and letting them go. Some of the processes in this module are:

  • Explore more deeply the parts that feel wounded or wrong when it comes to self-expression
  • Discover when you abandoned the voice of your Essence
  • Create the internal safety required to fully express your wisdom
  • Experiential sessions for identifying the false voice that covers your true one and breaking the ‘trance’ of being silenced

Module 3:  Change the World

You change the world when you engage with the world from your Essence. What form does your Voice take? In this module we will work on developing the channels for giving your gifts. You will clarify the appropriate forms for where you are in your life and how you want to interact with the world. You will determine who the people are who can most benefit from your Voice and how to reach them. Processes include:

  • Learning the language of your Soul and who it speaks to
  • Working the Spiritual Journal process to access this language (Bonus #1)
  • Meditation and Stillness practice prior to writing
  • One-to-one experiential support for meditation-writing periods
  • Exploring different forms for your voice that bring you Joy
  • Techniques for tapping into Joy

When you complete this program:

You will realize that the voice within you is an infinite source of wisdom, love, and direction and will stop searching outside yourself. In turn, your confidence and passion to create will be exponentially greater.  You will begin new projects and deepen those you already are working on.

You will have the tools to cultivate the Voice of your Essence with a daily spiritual practice of your own design.

The fears that have kept you silent and scared you into conformity will be put into perspective. Gone? Maybe. But power is when we know how to respond to the conditioned mind — and you will become masterful at this.

You will experience the pure joy of speaking and writing from that deepest part of your Self. Those words become your anchor and the Light that gives you direction. Nothing and no one can ever take this away. 

Program Includes:

  • Nine 75-minute Find-Your-Voice Facilitation Sessions.
  • Email support between sessions.
  • Extensive follow-up emails to recap.
  • Supporting materials: exercises, writing prompts, meditation and mindfulness practices, and inspirational reading.  
  • One 90-minute Breakthrough Session  
  • Meditation and Affirmative Prayer 
  • Inner Bonding Process 
  • Writing the story of the child who went silent 
  • Heroine’s Journey mapping process 
  • Tapping (energy release technique)

BONUS #1:  How to Write a Spiritual Journal for Deeper Connection to your Wisdom and Power  (PDF) by Nancy Swisher.  This eBook explores the power of language and the value of keeping a spiritual journal.  It supports you in your healing, creativity, and connection to spirit.   

BONUS #2:  Personalized Meditation Audio designed specifically to guide you to your Soul’s Voice. 

Ready to Find Your Voice?

Set up a Skype chat with me to make sure this program is right for you. 

Listen to Nancy speak about her Find Your Voice program

A note about investing in this program:

Many of you have shared with me how much money you have invested in online programs that are group programs or home study programs where you receive lots of information but weeks or months after they are over the transformation you paid for didn’t really happen. You are left ‘looking for the next shiny object.” A client of mine paid $10,000 for a program to get her business off the ground. At the end of the program, she had tons of templates and information but had not yet broken through the blocks to her Voice. I hear these stories all the time from all areas of personal growth. What we do together is different.

The majority of my offerings are one to one work. There is a transmission of wisdom, spirit, and love that cannot be delivered through programs that are 99% information-based or group-based. There are things that can be delivered in that format, but the deep transformation and healing of your heart and psyche cannot.

This program is deeply transformative which means that you need to be ready and committed to transform your life. You are the key component. The program provides the structure for this transformation. But you provide the Desire.  

The truth is — your direction and wisdom come from inside you. But to go there takes the courage of opening up with a trusted mentor who can guide you inside, to the Spirit and Light that you are. This sort of deep work can only happen one to one.

If you are ready to invest your time and energy into this program, I am ready to work with and alongside you. Let’s begin. Prices for this program start at $2,247 and payment plans are available.

I look forward to meeting you!


Ready to Find Your Voice?

Set up a Skype chat with me to make sure this program is right for you.