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7 Practices for Waking Up within Your Life

The title of my book is The Life That Woke Me Up Was My Own. If we turn that around to apply to your life, then the title is The Life That Wakes You Up Is Your Own.  It’s true that our own life—your own life---is the source of your awakening.  It’s not something...

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Choose to Grow with these Live Event opportunities

  Fall is a time for inner growth.  Ever since my ‘back to school’ days, September gets my juices flowing.  Do you feel that nudge to go within as well? Choosing to grow is different than just growing. Everyone grows simply by being alive.  But not everyone...

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How to have more power with the voice of limitation

  The voice of limitation creates the illusion of safety and security through maintaining the status quo.  The voice of limitation is also called the ego, the wounded self, or the false self.    Everyone has a voice of limitation.  No one is exempt.  It’s part of...

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The first time I retreated it ended up lasting four years

The first time I retreated ended up lasting four years.  In 1985, I moved into a Kripalu Yoga Ashram for three-month spiritual lifestyle training program and I stayed four years. I don't regret this one bit.  Oh, I had that 'voice in my head' that said I was running...

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19 Characteristics of Self Love

Since I began to work with clients in 1995, the core issue, no matter what result my client desired to achieve, has been a lack of self-love. Self-love is a paradox though. In the highest reality, we are Beings of Love. This is who we are in Essence. So if this is who...

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Does your voice hide behind a perfectionist?

I had a very powerful dream a couple months ago---the kind of dream that keeps on giving! I was walking on my favorite part of the trail near the wetlands where all the red-winged blackbirds nest in the cattails.  In the dream I look over to my right and a red-winged...

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Please don’t settle for an airbrushed voice

There is a world of difference between a voice that speaks from the neck up and one that arises from the depths of bodily knowing.  Women who have primarily identified with the intellect may believe we have found our voices before we have found our depths.  From...

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Let’s Talk About Hiding

The hiding I’m referring to is hiding from your Self.  Hiding from your Light.  Everyone has a calling in life.  Many times, we hide from our calling because it seems impossible to achieve in this world.    When you're hiding, you're safe because people can't see you...

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