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The Power Of Words – An Evening with the Author

There's a section in my book where I describe the first time I wrote in a journal and felt my Essence landing on the page as the words landed on the page. I had felt cut off from my connection with language, with the real language of my Soul, my Voice.  That moment...

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The practice of dipping your cloth to find your Voice

When I teach about finding your voice, I'm not referring to some static 'thing' that you find and then have.  Your voice is alive; it's the place where language and spirit meet.  It's the place where your unique life journey expresses in your own way the wisdom and...

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Transformation can be yours and you can find true joy

The following two statements require contemplation.  Contemplate each word until the statement begins to make sense to you personally.    The path to a transformed self involves dying to an old way of being and being reborn into a new way of being. As Lao Tsu has...

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The past is not our enemy and neither is our story

One of my dear clients who is participating in the Self Love, Self Expression and Life Purpose online program said to me today, "I thought all this was in the past?  Like I thought it was over!" which became a great jumping off place to do a little teaching about the...

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The voice of your Essence is an Embodied Voice

Fear often gets in the way of expressing our voices in the world.  Too often we hedge, keep our voice private or doubt its value altogether.  You know the feeling, right? Every woman I work with has experienced being silenced.  Usually, it happened early, and...

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Whose voice do you hide behind

"A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.” – Melinda Gates How does the title of this article strike you? Do you think, 'I don't hide behind any voice!'  Are you curious about what I'm getting...

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Einstein, Trump and Building a Consciousness of Love

Some nights when I wake up at 3 a.m. thoughts about 'the world' enter my mind.  Given I'm in the States, you probably can guess one person who occupies some of those thoughts.  Our 45th President. Last night I was having some thoughts, and I remembered one of my...

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What Story Robs You of Your Wholeness

If you've read my book, you know that one of the themes is that our 'stories' get created early in life and until we unravel them---i.e. understand that they are stories and that they are not True---life will reflect back to us the false beliefs our story contains. On...

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