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Scrambling for certainty in a world of change

"As human beings we share a tendency to scramble for certainty whenever we realize that everything around us is in flux." ~ Pema Chodron This is so true.  Recently, I found myself in the midst of some very uncomfortable feelings of uncertainty and it took me a while...

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Un-becoming everything that isn’t really you

We hear so much about 'becoming' all that you can be.  What if it's also valid to realize that we must un-become all that isn't us? Yes, becoming is part of growing and realizing your Essence and expressing it. Un-becoming, however, is a necessary part of becoming. I...

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Key #3 for Finding Your Voice

Let me share a story that illustrates the power of the false self: In the l960's, the United States received a gift from another country, which was a rare and beautiful white tiger named Mohini.  For years, Mohini lived in the Washington, D.C. National Zoo, spending...

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Do You Know the 7 Keys to Finding Your Voice?

Do you know the 7 keys to finding your voice? The voice I speak of is not the loudest one.  It’s not the smartest one.  It’s not the most cleaver one.  It’s not the rehearsed one.  It’s not the one honed in marketing courses to make you money.  It’s not memorized.

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Only When it’s Dark Enough Can We See the Stars

During the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday here in the States, I listened to one of his speeches.  One of the lines from that speech was “Only when it is dark enough can we see the stars.”  King was speaking to the sanitation workers in Memphis who were on strike. 

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Why 2017 Was the Most Wonderful Year of My Life So Far

  I posted on Facebook that 2017 was the most wonderful year of my life so far.  I didn’t say why.  Now I’d like to say why.  The answer is much too long for Facebook plus I wanted to share this with you. There are two images that I’ll share with you to explain...

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Your Voice is the Holy Grail of Our Time

    Not everyone who begins a transformational journey finishes. What is a transformational journey?  It’s a journey of an individual committed to bringing forth his or her soul’s gifts and heart’s desires to this world. It can also be called the hero's journey...

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