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Have you lost your sense of wonder?

Flying home to Iowa after leading a personal transformation program, I witnessed something that inspired me to write this article.  My plane had landed in Detroit, taxied to the gate, and stopped.  Passengers were still seated, waiting for the door to open and for...

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How to clear the murky-murk of your Subconscious Mind

It's almost Spring here in the northern hemisphere, a time of new growth, a time of fertility, a time of resurrecting what's beautiful and alive! Using Spring as the symbolism for your own growth, I ask you to look and see what holds you back from allowing your own...

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Is there a Desire attempting to manifest through you?

Desire comes forth as an activity of your Higher Self, stirring you up to realize that It wants to do more for you---through you!  When your Desire is expressed, this is your Voice. Your Voice is the manifestation of Desire.   In order to shift your awareness so that...

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Do You Nurture the Seeds in your Heart?

  When I lived at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health from 1985-1989, my only day off was Sunday afternoon. How did I spend that only time off? I wrote.     I completed a book by the time I moved out. A famous New York agent took it on and about ten large...

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What I know for sure

It was October 1995 that I saw my first client. She came to my home office in Massachusetts. My teacher and therapist at the time referred her to me. I had protested on the phone that I wasn't ready. However, my teacher said that I was, so I leaned into her certainty....

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Reflections on our Find Your Voice Retreat

It's been two weeks since I left the Abbey and our Find Your Voice and Stand Behind It Spiritual Retreat. I came back to the States amid a political silencing of a brilliant woman who spoke out, who stood behind her truth, her voice. One of the keys of the Find Your...

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