Consciousness of Love

Some nights when I wake up at 3 a.m. thoughts about ‘the world’ enter my mind.  Given I’m in the States, you probably can guess one person who occupies some of those thoughts.  Our 45th President.

Last night I was having some thoughts, and I remembered one of my favorite Einstein quotes (a quote which is also in my book.): 

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”  ~ Einstein

As I recalled this quote, I also thought about the current President and a dream I had about three years ago:

Trump and I are standing facing each other, visible only from the shoulders up.  He says to me, “I have so much money but I don’t feel any love inside.”  I say back, “I don’t have very much extra money but I have so much love inside.”  End of dream.

I could feel the total and utter emptiness he described in the dream as I imagined his experience of having no love within him, or no consciousness of love.

Back to the Einstein quote.  When a person believes that the universe is hostile, as this President and his number one advisor do, it arises from an inner emptiness, a disconnection from Source, from Spirit, from the Love that is the ground of our Being itself.  The belief that the universe is hostile is a reflection of a deep inner wound in the psyche.

We all have moments of feeling a sense of inner disconnection.  But I dare say that no one reading this feels a total lack of Love within your life and your Being.

Since the election, I’ve thought much about how we are all connected.  In consciousness and as humanity.  I cannot change the political situation directly, other than citizen actions such as calling and marching, but I can change my own consciousness into one of Love and I can support those who choose to work with me to do that as well.  This is my activism, because I totally believe that the divine matrix, the quantum field that we all live within and are part of, knows that in the moment I love, in the moment my heart loves you and all that is, the ‘field’ receives this love and sends it back to everyone in the field.

Building a Consciousness of Love: Inner Activism

When you feel lonely, alone, and like nothing is working in your life, like you can’t get back to the joyful state you had the day before—these moments are exactly when you want to hit the PAUSE button, slow down, and feel.

We don’t like to feel anything other than the ‘good feelings’ do we.  What if loneliness or–god forbid– shame arise?  What then?  We try like heck to get rid of those feelings.  We go onto the internet, get busy, work, clean the house, go shopping, find You Tube videos to listen to.  We do anything but stop, feel, and be with the difficult feeling.  Yet, this is exactly when you have the opportunity to develop your own consciousness of Love.

You may ask, how do I do that?  How do I just be with my Self? 

Become like a tree.  A rock.  A dog. 

But I want a process to make me feel better!

Then you want to avoid being with your Self. 

The wound that makes us feel afraid and believe the universe is a hostile place, that wound must be experienced in the present, at the deepest level of Being, in order for you to realize that you are not that.  Buddha and Jesus both shared that the reason for suffering is so that you can realize that you are not that which suffers.

If you keep seeking a process, a formula, or the latest quick fix to be happy, you will never know the deepest wound and without knowing it you will still think that you are wounded.  Thus, you will still believe you are unworthy, unlovable, and powerless.

Stop.  Slow down.  Feel.  Breathe.  Be.

Your consciousness is infinite.  Not only that, you ARE a state of consciousness.  This is who you are.  Yet you keep identifying with those feelings and thoughts and moments of lack.  This is what we do, until we learn not to.

Although I have practiced and mastered various tools and processes on my transformational journey, the most important and necessary learning in building a consciousness of Love, is to 

Slow down

And stay there.  Stay there long enough for another part of you to rise up, a part that you may sense as a still small voice within you.  Only when you do this will you come to realize that you are not your loneliness, you are not your fear, you are not your shame.  This is how we develop a consciousness of Love. 

“It takes more courage to examine the dark corners of your own soul than it does for a soldier to fight on a battlefield.” W.B. Yeats

Being-with our Self, having nothing in between you and You, is the highest form of examining the dark corners.  It takes courage because our human self thinks the darkness is real.  It isn’t.  But we must move through it in order to know this.

Each person who builds a consciousness of Love transforms the world.  This is activism on the inner realm.  As within, so without.

I can spiritually mentor and coach you through this process
My work is not about giving you more information.  It is about listening to you so deeply that you hear yourself in a whole new way.  Yes, I have decades of experience and am masterful with lots of processes.  I offer those as well when they might support your process. But what I offer primarily is my field of consciousness.  That is my gift.  I can listen to you with extremely deep love, compassion and wisdom to guide you to see your blind spots as well as your gifts.  I help you to heal the deepest wounds and to release your imprisoned splendor—the gifts you came to this planet to give.

Three Month online Intensive with one to one format:

Self Love, Self Expression and Life Purpose

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